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Thesaurus for x-box live

Synonyms, antonyms, and related words for x-box live

A word to refer to a closely-knit group usually quite large and fiercly defensive of eachother. Comes from the Clans of Scotland- who were blood relatives.

Now used more as a term for groups of video-games.
Quake II clans.
by Gumba Gumba February 24, 2004
The greatest game ever made. Ever.
Call Of Duty 4 = pwn
by andy229 November 12, 2007
The leading cause of divorce in America.
"Josh can we go to the movies?" "Maybe next weekend, I'm playing halo 3 babe."
by Alan Bayse September 28, 2007
A disbanded Call of Duty 4 clan from xbox live that turned into mainly xGAx, and a couple seperate clans, with X01, the dictator bitch who caused the break in the clan.
oh man, TxHxG was awesome, too bad theyre gone.
by Kaleb Sigler May 30, 2008
A Call Of Duty 4 clan playing on X-Box live

Based around Dayton, Ohio

x Godly Assassins x
Dude, those xAGx guys owned us last round...
by DANNY GUTHRIE April 08, 2008
Playing games online is fun.. but if you have children in your game. it turns out to be the "World Rapping Contest"
Little billy was rapping on the mic.
So, i cut out his esophagus.. and hung him with it
by prince pwnage March 15, 2004