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A kind of mischevious.. looking.. smiley.. See the sinister kind of plotting smirk!? Can't you see it?
Me: This should be a good RP.. x)
Other: Oh god, what are you plotting?
Me: ..nooothinnnggg... x)
by Calypsion June 27, 2006
An emoticon depicting an unhappy or sad face.
I'm unhappy! :(
by PJC October 01, 2002
A laughing face. Hey, it's better than lol.
When I was walking to the mall my friends got hit by a car and were killed XD
by Johnson March 29, 2003
A symbol for sad.
Slutmut69:I have a huge pussy and its hairy....
by KawaiiAnime November 26, 2003
One of the several emoticons used to express exasperation and/or mild panic. (The semicolons symbolize beads of sweat on the long face of the person using the emoticon.)
Someone Stupid (not me): Aaaaaah!!!
Sam: What did you do now...
Someone Stupid: I spelled history shitory on the big history essay we just turned in. TT.TT
Sam: -_-;;;

Someone Else (not me): Aaaaaah!!!
Sam: Now what...
Someone Else: A rabid gorilla is chasing me 'cause I have a banana in my butt pocket!
Sam: -_-;;; We better start running then...
by wingstak3dream March 14, 2007
1. Showing sadness while talking online. Looks like a crying face.

2. Showing that you wish to shove a small square object into the side of your head.
1. I have to go :'(

2. I hate life :'(
by thbnny October 13, 2003
true: being hollow and alone, believing that you are alone

false: being sad after being dumped, told off, or gaining weight.
true: "I dont understand it, I never have fun with my friends anymore."

false: "OMG! I AM SO DEPRESSED! Jake said I was a bitch and dumped me last night"
by Krizz July 30, 2004
A term used in MMORPG's such as World of Warcraft which describes an action your character can perform which is usually accompanied by sound and sometimes even an animation. Emotes include:


Also a useful way to communicate across factions in games like WoW where Alliance and Horde players speak different in-game languages such as Orcish, Darnassian, etc.
Night Elf Player #1: What the heck is this Tauren doing in Teldrassil?
Night Elf Player #2: Use the insult emote on the bitch, he can't touch you here. :P
Night Elf Player #1: /insult

"Night Elf Player #1 thinks Tauren is the son of a motherless Ogre."
by Selfie June 16, 2006