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A country I've never heard of.
Do they speak English in "what"?
by Renato February 19, 2005
1665 384
Not me
by Anonymous February 13, 2003
5512 367
Visiting or going to. Popular amongst the feminine population
Oh Jem, We're doing the gym tomorrow!
by Tom May 02, 2003
5 2
1: To perform or execute
2: To kill someone
3: Hairstyle
4: To engage in sexual Intercourse
5: Attractive Dutch recording artist best know for her vocals in DJ Sammy's cover of "Heaven"
1: I'm going to do my homework.
2: We're going to do him in.
3: Yo Holmes! Do not mess up the do!
4: My and the bitch are going to do it.
5: Check out Do's site at www.domusic.nl
by Jimbo January 26, 2005
418 249
Fuck Yeah Dubstep!

A song titled "FYD" by dubstep artist Chrispy

-FYD, Chrispy
by brennz0r December 28, 2010
53 23
My father
My father is a mother fucker, that's how I was born
by Anonymous July 11, 2003
3665 804
It means "what are you doing", "what you gonna do today, or later on today. or the rest of the day."
Frank: "Yooo! wat u on tday bro?"
Ramon: "Shit, Just posted, bored af. Y was good?
Frank: "Ha, same lets hit up newport beach tday tho son."
Ramon:"Fasho, Im down, you just gotta drop on tha tank bro"
by Gizmoe187 April 30, 2013
3 0
Infamous self made online celebrity, spawned from the pits of the Surfermag.com BB.

Author of the hit blog "Your Daily Donkey", reflecting of southern california´s kooky donkey surf scene: "A pictorial journey into the hilarity that is surfing in Southern California – with a focus on poor etiquette, bad photography, body contortions, overcrowding, and bad surfing. Stop by daily to see if you've been caught doing your best stinkbug power-squat..."
Did you see that las post by Who´s your daddy?
by Eric the nazi June 13, 2007
7 16
what u doing? (What you doing?)
by UCGuy March 15, 2003
94 37
Internet lingo for "What've you been doing?". Original illiterate meaning was "What you be doin'?"
"Hey, wybd?"
"Not much, just chillin'."
by Loser Jen September 13, 2005
6 7