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The best fucking fraternity ever established. Betas are known to be confident yet laid back, always look good, have the best senses of humor, mack muchos babes, give people awesome, hilarious nicknames (like first inital of first name, first syllable of last name or Jimnasium for someone named Jim), and are always and everywhere ready to give their all for their frat. Only fellows with the finest of qualities, such as natural leaders, get the honor of becoming Betas.

Best looking houses, best sounding name, best looking letters. Watch all other houses bow down as Beta rises to the top. Go Beta!

I'm not even in yet, but I've got an eye for true greatness and hopefully will be soon.
"Yo, you hittin' up dat Sigma Chi party tonight?"
"Nah man, they's a bunch of posers. Beta Theta Pi is where it's at."
by The Future KotB February 10, 2010
Something Americans use to describe everything.
Oh wow it's just awesome
by Every Strangers Eyes June 20, 2006
Commonly mistaken as a "frat" a fraternity is a group of men who share a bond of brotherhood. Most people can not understand. It could be compared to that of family. So yeah while those stupid ass "frat" boys give the rest of us a bad name there are some of us out there who do care about our personal worth and character.
Don't call a fraternity a frat, would you call your country a cunt?
by 479 April 28, 2003
A younger form of a woman. If you tried to have sex with a girl, you'd be arrested, you damn pedophile.
What a cute little girl!
by Sarahsuke June 09, 2003
Short for the famouse online CORPG, Guild Wars that kicks any other mmo in the balls. (www.guildwars.com)
Shinsei is the best monk in GW
by Blake December 08, 2004
A listserve of the zeta nu chapter of the beta theta pi fraternity
Friend 1: Hey brosef, want to rush beta with me?
Friend2: Yeah, they've got some great principles and thats exactly why any freshman would want to join a frat in the first place

Friends 3 months later while looking at zn-beta:

Friend 1:Shit son
Friend 2:Yeah, let's reply all
by i take recruitment seriously April 28, 2010