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Ozone Park is a New York City neighborhood located in the borough of Queens bordering Woodhaven, Richmond Hill, Howard Beach, and the borough of Brooklyn. It is the home of the Aqueduct Racetrack.The neighborhood has historically been mostly Italian and Irish.

Ozone Park was a center for mafia activities until the early 1990s. John Gotti's Bergen Hunt and Fish Club was located here and would host a huge block party and fireworks show along 101st Avenue every July 4th until that fuckin' prick Mayor Rudy Giuliani denied local residents permits to host similar block parties and set off fireworks.

Debra Wilson
Cyndi Lauper
John Gotti
Justin Credible
Peter Facinelli
Bernadette Peters
Ozone Park is in the state of New York, in the borough of Queens.
by Johnny Ears July 10, 2006
A band that is the very epitomy of kick-ass. They stormed the charts with Bohemian Rhapsody in the 70's (the version on the Greatest album is 5'58'')this includes rock, ballad and choral music - something not achieved by many people. They shamelessly wrote about the brilliance of gurls with fat asses *cheers to self tht someone appreciates us!* (fat bottomed girls)"Save me" is an anthem for the heartbroken, its a beautiful song. "Who wants to live forever" was written in the back of a car on the way home from hospital when freddie mercury discovered he had AIDs. The lyrics usually mean something if you listen to them deeply enough. And c'mon. If you're still not convinced they rock, when 15 year olds still listen to we will rock you about ten years after the lead singer died - its gotta be a pretty fantastic achievement.
"Mamma, life had just begun, but now I've gone and thrown it all away..." Beautiful.
by Amandycat March 27, 2004
A major street in Queens New York that starts off in the Rockaways and crosses the bay. Cross Bay Boulevard cuts through Broad Channel and serves as the shopping strip for Howard Beach. The street changes it's name to Woodhaven Boulevard once it intersects with Rockaway Boulevard in Ozone Park. Woodhaven Boulevard continues all the way to Queens Boulevard in Elmhurst, where it ends.
The Q53 runs through Woodhaven and Cross Bay Boulevard and goes to Beach 116 Street in Rockaway Park.
by NYC Metalhead June 22, 2006
Also known as "The Venice of New York," Broad Channel is a small island community located in Jamaica Bay. Two-thirds of the island is uninhabited by humans, as the northern portion of Broad Channel is home to the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge (JBWR). JBWR is a premier birding site, and attracts many visitors and scientists from around the world.
Broad Channel is home to over 4000 people, and is predominantly middle-class. Homes are becoming expensive, as people who wish to be near their work Manhattan also would like to go home to a quiet, safe neighborhood with a great school (P.S. 47 Q.). And being just a five minute drive (or thirty minute walk) to stunning Rockaway Beach also makes this location desirable.
Most Broad Channelites are proficient boaters and fisherpersons. The majority of homes are waterfront, because the entire west side of the island is a series of canals (hence the 'Venice of New York' moniker).
Broad Channel is home to a small variety of shops and eateries, though that number is growing all the time. There are also two children's playgrounds, two very large sporting fields, and a large park with multiple handball, tennis, and basketball courts. The public library is lovely, and is staffed by wonderful people. There is a Catholic church and a Presbyterian church on the island, and many more temples, churches, and chapels are just a five minute drive away.
Visit this beautiful, friendly neighborhood and enjoy!
Broad Channel is beautiful!
by JennBC November 11, 2006
A neighborhood in Queens NY located just by the Jamaica Bay, where John Gotti use to live. Howard Beach is infamous for Mafia activities and "racial" crimes. Howard Beach is essentially just like Ozone Park, except the stuff you find in Howard Beach actually has quality to it. Cross Bay Boulevard, a busy 6 lane median divided boulevard that crosses the bay and go to Rockaway, is the major shopping strip for the neighborhood. Howard Beach might be a very attractive neighborhood in Queens with a lot going for it, but it also has the most wiggers out of any neighborhood in Queens NY.
Male- Wanna go to Howard beach, I heard theres some nice restaurants on Cross Bay Blvd over there.

Female- No way, there's too many wiggers there.
by NYC Metalhead June 21, 2006
*1*stands fo' New york
*2*Newyork Yankee's
*3*the hottest hat to be reppin'
*4*east coast
Yo man where ya from Ny
man i got a killa Ny hat!
by 5prinCe5 April 03, 2005
A neighborhood in Queens New York that is better then Ozone Park. It's major shopping strip is Jamaica Avenue and the neighborhood is home to Forest Park. Also the name of a major boulevard that cuts through this neighborhood.
Forest Park is in Woodhaven
by NYC Metalhead June 21, 2006
A major avenue in Brooklyn and Queens that is bigger then most of the boulevards in Queens, Atlantic Avenue is a 6 lane street throughout much of its stretch. It starts off near the docks by the Brooklyn Queens Expressway and goes all the way to Jamaica Queens. The Q24 bus serves Atlantic Avenue from Pennsylvania Avenue to Jamaica.
Pathmark in Ozone Park is by Atlantic Avenue.
by NYC Metalhead June 23, 2006

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