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Thesaurus for wild ass guess

Synonyms, antonyms, and related words for wild ass guess

The most used word in the whole fucking universe. Douche bags use it, your kids use it, your mail man uses it, and your fucking dog uses it. If you got swag, you generally wear those shitty hats side way, and your ass hanging out like a fucking goof cause your pants are half way down your white ass legs. To break down the word, it means (Secretly We Are Gay). It is also a word that means to represent yourself/ the way you represent yourself, baggy clothes, shitty hats, small penis and basically a way to say your afraid to come out of the closet.
Assface Magee: I got so much swag
Darrel: You got so much dick in your ass
Assface Magee: Fuck you, SWAG
by jonnypage July 20, 2012
Acronym for "Pull A Number Out Of My Ass". Used mostly in any context where you have to come up with a number but don't have the time or inclination to actually do the work to figure out what the real number is.
"I only got this assignment five minutes before this meeting, so I'll PANOOMA and say 37%."
by RantingNerd November 02, 2009
Acronym for "A Number Pulled Out Of My Ass". It's what results when you PANOOMA. Used in any context where you have to come up with a number but don't have the time or inclination to actually do the work to figure out what the real number is.
"I told him it was 37%, but that was just ANPOOMA."
by RantingNerd November 02, 2009
A term used by IT staff this typically indicates they have no clue when something will be done.
I estimate the order will be completed by Friday, but in reality, I don't have a fucking clue.
by bobshoe August 18, 2006
The way stupid people say "estimate". They either think they're being cute or clever, or else that it's an actual word. Since it's not any of these, science has yet to offer an explanation for people who consider use of this word acceptable.
My college trig teacher asked us to "guesstimate" values. I wanted to punch her in the mouth.
by mamamooa October 18, 2005
the most fucking retarded word in existance, people get stupider from hearing it
guy one- i just guestimated my income

guy two- your a fucking moron, i hate you, i will kill you and your family you dirty cock monger
by markie tuckett February 13, 2009
short hand for "Pulled it directly out of my ass".
"I didn't think I was going to make that card trick."
"Ya! You really pulled a pidooma!"
by PastorPeppy July 02, 2007
To suggest an answer to a query dealing with a topic/subject that you have not thoroughly studied, basing your answer on the knowledge that you have acquired in the past which relates to the query at hand.
Teacher: Hello student's, you will recall that I taught you that airplanes are the fastest mode of transport, a business man want's to send a parcel to another city very quickly, suggest a mode of transport he should use.
Stupid Student: "But Sir, you never taught us what mode of transport a businessman wishing to send a parcel quickly would use!"
Non-Retarded Student:" I'll make an Educated Guess that the business man would use an airplane to deliver his parcel quickly, as this is the fastest mode of transport.
by Wizzar October 26, 2011
short form of "Fucked up beyond all recognition", but also a misunderstandment of the german word "furchtbar", which means horrible or frightening.
"This situation ist Fubar!"

"Das ist furchtbar!"
by Nils May 31, 2004