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A country I've never heard of.
Do they speak English in "what"?
by Renato February 19, 2005
A question word that means 'at what time.'
When did I fall asleep?
by Redtail September 11, 2014
A legendary rock band. They wrote songs like "My Generation", "Love Rein O'er Me", "The Seeker", "Wont Get Fooled Again", "Baba O' Riley", and a bunch of other songs.
The Who
by Qbert October 10, 2003
Becuase I said so.
by killroy October 07, 2003
a breed between a horse and a cow
what the
by Dr. Malcom Ferlosofos August 10, 2003
a common mispelling of teh.
by DarkSkies April 24, 2005
IS is IS. "Is meaning equal" is tautology. Is is simply is.
Is IS is? Yes, is is is.
by Gerard Brian Estrada October 20, 2005
Symbol for the chemical Element astatine. Element no. 85, In between Polonium(Po) and Radon(Rn), The reason why chemistry teachers can't teach PoRn (porn)
Yeah there's nosy parents and age laws but Astatine is the only thing preventing us from seeing porn. Screw At.
by ymay amenay October 13, 2011
The World Taekwondo Federation.
WTF, holds many competitions throughout the world.
WTF, as far as i know, remain blissfully unaware of the other meaning of WTF. Or maybe they just don't feel like changing.
by t3h n00bz 7a!k l!k3 t3his July 26, 2006

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