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Thesaurus for wail

Synonyms, antonyms, and related words for wail

Derived from the trend of planking, bating, and owling. Originated in Chicago, IL; it involves the opening of ones mouth, a surprised facial expression, and the deliverance of a guttural utterance while standing perfectly still. The sound that is made resembles that of a vocally challenged person moaning aggressively with a closed throat.
Bob: "Hey Jim, what are you doing?"

Jim: "Well, I'm just about to go to the store to get some milk and *wailing* AHHHHUUUUGHHHHAHHHHH!"
by TheJanitorialBatman February 21, 2012
9 3
A way to cleanse your soul of all sorrow that has been burdened on you.
After my mom yelled at me, I needed to cry.
by Angus the SuperDuck June 21, 2005
835 270
A diminutive, whimsical, and versatile sort of "nom de plume" for the meaty, veinous, and ultimately legendary - PENIS!
1. "I'm going to peep out my weep"
2. "Stick your weep in her stinky weep-eater!!"
3. "You're a goddamn weephead!"
4. "If you keep talkin' that dirty shit, i'm going to shoot weep-juice from the throbbing head of my weep into your eyes."
5. "This is a weeping good time!"
by Antimimos May 03, 2010
100 27
Something real men do.
John was seen crying when Samantha fucked his mom.
by TheRainbowPanda December 24, 2008
398 70

A mythological, female, magical creature that flies all night looking for prey. They feed on people's sadness. They kill by screaming in such a high pitch that it breaks glass and the arteries of its victem's body so that they drown in their own blood.

You don't want to be a banshee's prey.
by Jafje May 10, 2007
349 189
either an interjection used when one disapproves of something, or a verb meaning approximately the same thing as the slang form of suck.
1] "you actually bought that? FAIL"
2] "this movie fails."
by jack July 22, 2003
3834 625
To have grief for

Moan, cry, weep, deplore
The lament for October
by larstait October 29, 2003
86 13
what a women does if you fuck her right
she screamed, it felt so good...she'd never been fucked like that before.
by slfsrvcd March 08, 2005
477 146
1. the animal with the hole in it

2. to beat up/beat on someone
1. "Oh look it's a whale, the animal with the hole in it. There's only one!"

2. "Dad went upstairs to whale on his son. Not like 'Dad, upon seeing the bad report card, looked at his son who just happened to be in the room with him and whaled on him,' but no, Dad, apropos of nothing, went upstairs to the only room in which his son felt safe and just fucking whaled on him."
"I have to go to the gym to whale on my quads"
by holidaycrayons February 17, 2010
452 162
High caffeine Guarana beverage. Contains 80mg of caffeine per 12 oz. Blue bottle, odd little bumbs for grip, fizzy and decent tasting.
So I gave her kid a Bawls and it blew up. What man? Caffeine is teh own.
by Anonymous April 25, 2003
614 79