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The stock DOHC VTEC 1.6 liter engine in a 99-2000 Honda Civic Si. This beast produces 160hp and 111 lb-ft of torque (thats 100hp per liter!). At 5500RPM VTEC kicks in and you can really hear and feel it.
"Yeah man, I put the B16A2 motor in my hatch, it's hella tight now!"
by Tviper92 February 03, 2004
A large, prehistoric family sedan, sold in Australia by Holden motor company.

As technologically advanced as fossilized wood, they are a very user friendly car for the simple minded, thus, common in Australia. Equipped with a slow, noisy, automatic transmission and either a "rattletec" 3.8L v6 designed in 1988 or an even older 5L pushrod v8, the pitiful power per litre figure is reflected by its inherant lack of fuel economy or reliability.

Although it handles like a bag of mollasses, this barge is worshipped by bogans for is ability to allow even physically and/or mentally disabled drivers to do burnouts. Usually performance mods consist of 17 inch chromies, altezza taillights and 2 subwoofers. The younger owners usually purchase the cars due to a lack of intelligence, funds or pride. Thus, the car earned the nickname "conformadore".

Holdens "performance" line, "HSV", fail to realise that slapping a bodykit on a family commuter does not make it a sportscar.

Claimed to be an iconic Australian car, engines and drivetrains are sourced from american company GM.
WOW! a one handed burnout? must be a commodore.

That convoy of commodores is driven by 18yo virgins.

The commodore understeered into a tree at 20km/h, lucky it wasnt a good car.

Commodores suck.
by The truthbringer May 19, 2005
An abbreviation for the title of an RPG Made by weeaboo's on the internet called "Dragoon Chronicles:Origin of Evil". Demo to be released to the public on October 22nd. It was created in the RPG Maker VX application and is from Japanese origin and poorly translated. The main characters name is Ataki and the back story is long and cliche such as the rest of the game.
Bigninjass39:"Hey, Kuu what are you going to do this Saturday night?"

Kuuimpact:"Gonna beta test more DCOoE, that's what!"

Bigninjass39:"Dude...that game consumes you...get a girlfriend"
by AnonredteamCrew October 16, 2009
Describes something that has the power to make you dead.
It was a deadly mistake for Dan to go bowling that day. The mysterious guy who hates bowling killed him.

Sega made a deadly mistake with the Sega saturn. It died and was unpopular.

The venom of that snake is quite deadly.
by Sega Slayer September 28, 2003
shit-flavored air. some of the most noxious is fried chicken related!
that fuckin chicken gave me gas from hell! where's the air freshener?
by da trick biatch March 10, 2006
Skate shop located in Enfield, CT. Owned by Erik Munday and it is the best. They only sell the stuff you should be buying.
Dude, I went to Skate Lair yesterday and bought a Traffic board.
by Fourthwith May 05, 2008
A gang of girls in New jersey that are way hot! They are friends with the bloods and the KKK. they are often found in ny mainly at bubba gumps. One of the most dangourous gangs yet. Aka vx
AHH watch out Vanilla X is in town!
by Charlie February 28, 2005
The most BAD ASS compact performance utility vehicle EVER !!! Bar none, & don't forget it!
jeep owner: Holy crap, that VehiCross just broke the laws of physics...THAT'S BADASS!
by DaDubstr November 04, 2007
a very nasty nerve agent, caues the body to go into muscular spasms breaking the back and seizures featured in the movieThe Rock
this is VX gas the istant you dont respect it you're dead
by Capt. capacitor April 20, 2004
Someone who is obsessed with Japan/Japanese Culture/Anime, etc. and attempts to act as if they were Japanese, even though they're far from it. They use Japanese words but usually end up pronouncing them wrong and sounding like total assholes. You can find alot of these faggots clogging up the forums of Gaia Online, hanging out in the international aisle of the supermarket, or crowding the manga section of your local bookstore. Synonym of wapanese.
I told that weeaboo girl over there that Inuyasha sucks. She slapped me across the face and proceded to cuss me out in Japanese.
by pemisaurus November 19, 2006