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Term used in Daytona Beach for the area east of the Halifax River, site of "The Worlds most famous beach" & the Ocean Center/Oceanwalk. Not to be confused with Beach St.(Downtown Daytona)
"Theres nothin to do here except chill over on Beachside"
by fresh386 July 18, 2009
Processor used in older PC's. First x86-CPU with 32bit
Existed at frequencies up to 40 MhZ
There are 2 Versions, 386SX and 386DX
The SX came from the word Sixteen, because this CPU had a narrower Data bus to reduce costs. It was developed as a 286 killer but is a slow piece of junk...
by Tam Hanna May 31, 2003
a person with a real big heart. beyond the definition of kind, sweet, beautiful, radiant, etc. someone who never ceases, even when the going gets tough. so nice to everyone around, and you never want them to leave.
"that's a daytona, everybody wants!"
by apureevil January 04, 2013
A city in which people get psyched to go to if they have to move there, but after they get aquainted, they realize the city is the epitome of lame ass shit hole town with assholes, crackheads and hookers waiting on every street.
"Yeah man I'm movin' to DAYTONA!!"
"I'm sorry."

"What do you want to do tonight?"
-10 minutes later-
"I dunno, it's Daytona, there is NOTHING to do.."
by Ley. June 24, 2005
accronym for New Smyrna Beach, Florida. New Smyrna Beach is a historical town that lays on the Eastern Coast of Florida. Nestled on the Atlantic Ocean. Famous for its beaches, known worldwide. And its small town appeal.
Let's go to NSB, this weekend and work on our tan!
by kittentales228 May 02, 2007
A place to live, usually with corrupt mayors and lots of pollution. The real world is only in the city, not on Ole McD's Farm.
I live in a city and i pay high taxes and have lung cancer from car fumes.
by LordNword August 27, 2003
Somebody who is more than hood.
Damn that mofo is county
by diggitty aka county February 16, 2011
deland is a town in volusia county florida. it is nestled between the asscrack of daytona beach and the dangling hemroids of orlando.

deland has one norman rockwell style downtown section surrounded by fucktons of open-air crack markets. deland is for hippies, wiggers, old people, illegal south american immigrants, and people who can't find deltona.
guy: hey, i just got here from ohio, do you know where i can buy crack?

other guy: "yeah, just go anywhere in deland"
by preston, of course March 24, 2011
1.) A term used by pasty white pastrami white folk to describe what they believe is a "dirtier" side of town. Often referring to themselves perhaps originating from that place.

2.) A cliche place thought to hold thugs and gangsters, something those two white folk in the pictures are definitely not, nor will ever experience as they live in a 3-story home with their parents who drive them to school in the suburbs every day in their Lexus SUV
Cracka in pic: dont fuck with the east side (lake rats bitch)

Homie: wtf, what is that an eagles claw to rep "east side"? you look like a lil bitch, go back home where yo momma pays fo all yo food, yo college education and shit, yall aint know the least bit about livin in a ghetto, you a pimply 14-year old punk-ass bitch
by Young Reezie January 24, 2008

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