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Thesaurus for v-rod

Synonyms, antonyms, and related words for v-rod

mil-slang/acronym for ADIOS MOTHERFUCKER
by petrol March 16, 2003
Taking two vyvanse caps
Guy: Dude I just popped a V-Twin.
Other Guy: Damn mon!
by Prismo December 20, 2013
A japanese company that produces some of the finest motorcycles, ATVs, and Stereo equiptment around. Contrary to popular beleif among Honda, Kawasaki, and Suzuki enthusiasts, its not just a shitty company that makes shitty bikes that require maintenence all the time.
Before race: Man that Yamaha's a peice of shit, I can take that anytime.
After race: Fuckin' bike, its not working right, I would have toasted you.
by JP+JJ November 16, 2004
A set amount of RPMs which your engine can put out before you pretty much blow it up. This is usually where your numbers on your tachometer start turning red, just be sure to keep it out of the red or else $$$$ will be needed. For instance, the redline on my 95 Jeep Grandcherokee is 5,300 RPMS that is exactly where they start turning red, some cars have a rev limiter on them, so due to my rev limiter the engine will not go past 5,300rpms and the engine starts "bouncing" meaning the needle will do the same. I advise you not to try this.
Dude your not supposed to shift while ur racing till you redline it
by Ryan April 07, 2005
Young, impressionable (scantily dressed) females who hang around trying to get rides on the back of motorcycles.

Also can be the girlfriend of a motorcycle rider. Him in full riding gear, her in a tank top with her thong hanging out the back of her jeans.

Originates from the expression 'having a monkey on your back".
There goes Jim on his Kawi with a curb monkey hanging off of him like a lemur.
by EndoCanuck October 08, 2003
Penis hanging out of barn door of boxer shorts
"I just saw Ryan's hog at the top of the stairs!"
by deuce turner February 02, 2004
The ultimate badass.
A great actor who starred in such films as The Magnificent Seven, Death Wish, Violent City, Once Upon a Time in the West, Hard Times and others. Watch Charles Bronson's to see badassery at it's best.
by Ookpick GooseFrubba September 15, 2005
Term commonly applied to those who engage in activities that significantly raise their risk of severe bodily injury or death.
Base jumpers must have a death wish.
by razer December 21, 2006
Ferrari of motorcycles. The only manufacturer to produce motorcycles with desmodromic valves. They don't need those flashy japanese color schemes that change every few months. Check out www.ducati.com
Ducati bitchslapps Harley anytime!
by DesmoFreak July 17, 2003