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Thesaurus for urban terror

Synonyms, antonyms, and related words for urban terror

A term associated with being in a mental institution; to have gone crazy.
I haven't hear from Fred since they took him to the 6th Floor.
by Gonzo Duke February 21, 2012
The Best Urban Terror Family around with lots of crazy motherfuckers
by Anonymous September 07, 2003
Noun; An extrememly overweight female. subterms/derivative terms: Minor Quake = very overweight female, Plain and Simple Quake = extremely overweight female, Massive Quake = dangerously obese female.
Did you see that plain and simple quake taking up two seats in the movie theater last night?
by P. Jumpkins December 02, 2008
When three bros each boss around any given ho. Each bro has equal say in what the ho does. Also, the ho has no say in her own decisions, unless it is determined by a majority vote (of the three bros) that she may make a decision.
Bro 1: Ho, go get me a sandwich.

Ho: No!

Bro 2 & 3: DO IT!

Bro 1: The Triumvirate has spoken.

Ho: Fine..
by Sir. Drinksalot December 20, 2009
Urban Mercenaries & Mango Merchants. A group of ass-kickers slightly crazier than FSK405 & almost as crazy as 6th Floor. ... In coordination with 6th Floor and FSK405, Um3 (as part of the UrT Triumvirate) intends to rule the world with an iron fist, and make 3 hours per day of 'Urban Terror' gaming mandatory for those over the age of 18.
by Gladi8r July 15, 2010
The abbrevation for "Unresolved Romantic Tension", a cousin to UST. A facet of many tv shows, movies, and other media such as fanfiction. Occurs frequently between two main characters who either don't realize, or won't admit to harboring infatuation for the other.
1.)The difference between UST and URT is that the former refers to things potentially leading to expressions of love of a more adult nature, while URT can refer to all characters, including younger ones who haven't experienced sexual desires at their particular age.

2.) Many cartoon characters start feeling URT as they grow closer to puberty.
by a. bamma December 12, 2006
Someone who robs (preferably elderly) people of their rightful inheritance.
'How did you suddenly get 50.000 euros? You didn't pull a Bavo did you?'
by Schop June 16, 2008