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Named after a group of Norse warriors who would work themselves into a frenzy before battle and fight with reckless savagery and insane fury. Used today to describe a person acting in an insanely violent manner.
Did you see that guy go berserk on the footy field? He bit that other guy's ear off!
by (M)Rated August 22, 2004
(adj) crazy, wild
Don't go bonkers!
by Aaron W. December 03, 2002
to totally switch up on a person and turn from friend to enemy. Mostly when you rob a friend and do them "dirty".
Fuck Kevin, that nigga's bout 2 get flipped on.
by 2La May 13, 2004
adjective. 1. crazy, mad. 2. To go haywire = to go nuts.
That guy's been to the war and gone haywire.
by Moon Ultra January 05, 2006
etim. Spanish for "crazy", "insane", "mad".
Ese tío está loco
("That guy's crazy")
by Cervantes November 28, 2003
A word to describe something crappy, something that is bad, something that sucks
sorry for the static, my phone is screwy
by jdrox May 29, 2006
crazy, insane, psychotic, confused; a basketcase. not attached where it really counts, much like a door.
this bitch is obviously unhinged.
by jon January 10, 2005
one of the best comedy websites. they wrote a book or something.
did you see the new cracked article? very funny
by brownsnake01 July 19, 2012
Have lost ones mind, gone nuts.
After studying so much, I have gone cuckoo.
by Tara February 24, 2004
an expression or state of mind that is ditzy, blank or just plain empty.
That went right over my head. I must be daft.
by amanda February 15, 2005

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