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Thesaurus for tybalt

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In the world of espionage, the romeo is a male who is carefully placed within a high level government agency to seduce lonely females placed high in the government,and use emotional and/or romantic blackmail to gain sensitive information about the government's activities.

Females also were used in this capacity during the cold war, and were thus called romiettes.
The Warsaw Pact intelligence agencies routinely placed romeos into western governments to engage in subversive activities and influence.
by Piranha October 25, 2006
249 116
A sweet girl who really likes having fun and laughing... she's never bad, never sad. Perfect in every way
Juliette... ah the smell of fresh flowers
by Fruitloops May 21, 2004
696 248
A conjunction to link two clauses together.
The dog jumped over the fence AND the cat did too.
by Kieran Jones February 26, 2005
199 62
hes the man in romeo and juliet
the man
dude, benvolio is the man
hell yeah ben-v is the man

all the ladies want benvolio cuz hes the biggest PIMP ever
by pat c May 18, 2005
38 10
I. One who is:

a. gorgeous
b. pretty
c. beautiful
d. cute
e. attractive
f. sexy
g. all that

II. One who you would:

a. lick
b. suck/ blow
c. nibble
d. flirt with
e. have sexual relations with *Fuck especially*
f. want to get with

III. One who makes you:

a. flip
b. crazy
c. nutty
d. pass out
e. drool
f. fantasize
g. (if girl) wet
h. (if guy) hard
i. masturbate

*Lana's Definition i think << hott ass UNIS chica!
Example of teh werd HOTT: Look @ Marce, he is sOoOoOoOoOoo fucking HOTT!!!! He makes me cry!! He is jus tha HOTT!! He gives the werd "HOT" meanin'! Im sOo jealous of his HOTTNESS.......Marce, get ugly.......................NOW!! Nah, dun do tha, ure HOTTNESS i'd miss toooo much!! I LOVE YOU! x0x0
by Sexican December 27, 2003
1001 349
The best character in Romeo in Juliet.

Makes fun of Romeo by saying he puts his penis into a woman's vagina. Not literally. Here's the excerpt:

Mercutio: Why, is it not this better now than groaning for love? Now art thou sociable, now art thou Romeo, now art thout what thou art, by art as well as by nature. For this driveling love is like a great natural that runs lolling up and down to hide his bauble (penis) in a hole (vagina).
Mercutio could cut off Romeo's bauble in a duel.
by Romeo is a whiny faggot March 12, 2004
97 11
Melodramatic Chatspeak, often used by hormonally-deprived girls on AOL Instant Messenger. Means "Oh my Fucking God."
"OMFG! WTF?! I thohught u wur kidding!!1!11!eleventyone!1!"
by Oddz January 23, 2005
2044 637
Anything to do with sexual relations: fooling around, making out, oral sex or having intercourse.
As in, "Do you want to play?"
by rose July 21, 2004
741 245
A tragedy by William Shakespeare.

In the end, Romeo and Juliet both die.

Teacher: Today we will start reading Romeo and Juliet.
Student: Oh, by the way, in the end, Romeo and Juliet die.
Teacher: I'll see you in detention boy!
Student: What the fuck?! They tell you in the fucking prologue!
by I spoil endings March 07, 2004
617 124
Renaissance playwright who has been ruined by English teachers and academics who insist on over-analyzing his plays and sonnets.
Shakespeare wrote Hamlet to be ENJOYED not ripped apart in Lit class until it has no more meaning.
by kate November 22, 2004
1545 279