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Act of male masturbation, can only be performed by circumsized men. Where the masturbation becomes so vigorous and violent that the hand actually hits the testicles while stroking the shaft.
I went to sleep and woke up and my friend Billy was "hitting the sack" next to me wearing nothing but a lamp shade over his head.
by greendayrulz7 March 10, 2010
{1} A celebrated member of society, whom receives no compensation for voluntary duties, which include, but are not limited to, orally extracting semen.

{2} A person who increases the well-being of mankind by performing the act of fellatio without reciprocity.

{3} A married woman who generously doles out blow jobs to the neighborhood teenage males, because she no longer has sex with her wealthy, balding and overweight husband.
Did you know that Todd's mother used to be the #1 blow job philanthropist this side of the Mississippi?

Rachel is a true American; she hasn't charged me once for a blow job.

Mrs. Dornpith is a foxy cougar; I know this because she gave me a blumpkin while Mr. Dornpith quietly napped by the pool.
by George Alexander November 13, 2009
The point in sexual pleasure when a man discharges semen, a thick white liquid, from the penis. When a woman is coming, her clitoris, or clit, releases a clear liquid that provides lubrication for the vaginal penetration of the male genitals.
Example #1 "Oh God, I'm coming!! Quick, grab your sugar stick and fuck me."

Example #2 When Cheyenne was masturbating, she started coming when she saw two lesbians pull off the number sixty-nine.

Example #3 "Oh yesss.., I'm coming. Hey baby, do you want some of this homemade whip topping?"
by Hannah Chandler October 21, 2007
1. The condition afflicting an adult who persists in continuing behaviors more commonly observed in children.

2. A dwarf with a small mind and even smaller penis.

3. A board game created by Wrigley Spirits Incorporate. Object of the game is to stunt the other players growth in any way possible. Some representative actions you can take are feeding children cigarettes, giving pregnant mothers alcohol, cutting off people's legs and burning textbooks belonging to inner city schools.
1. Mary blamed her wetting the bed on her emotional and sexual dwarfism (ESD) that had been passed down to her from her parents who had died at the age of eighty.

2. George went to reach for Jerry's junk but grasped only thin air. As George stared into Jerry's cold, unrelenting blue eyes George realized that Jerry suffered from emotional and sexual dwarfism, and that Jerry wasn't about to apologize for having a dick so small even a hummingbird wouldn't be satisfied.

3. Tina wanted to play emotional and sexual dwarfism after dinner but Tim had urinated in her cake and she died from urea poisoning.
by Greendayrulez47 May 07, 2010
to ejeculate/cum/sprog/spoof
i caught him jizzing in his pants over my picture
by Candy May 09, 2004
The act of touching oneself to produce a favorable feeling in the groin area. Usually accompanied by some sort of mental, visual, or audio stimulation to assist in reaching climax.

jerking off; spit-shining the old water pump; waxing the brass candlestick; beating off; playing cards with only one hand on the table; riding the quarter-horse; joining the mile-high club, solo-aviator division; giving in to the hand police; self-actualization; fully realizing your potential
No honey, I don't want to tonight, I'm tired from watching Oprah. Why don't you just go masturbate?

That dumb broad got me all worked up and left me; so I had to spit-shine the old water pump manually if ya know what I mean.

Sometimes, when I wake up, I have an erection, so I have to beat off until it goes away. Sometimes, it comes back so I beat off again until it goes away. Once, it kept coming back so I just chopped it off. It hurt bad.
by jeffro February 25, 2003

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