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Thesaurus for thingamabob

Synonyms, antonyms, and related words for thingamabob


Used to describe an object on the spur of the moment when you have a sudden brain fritz and forget exactly what you were gonna say was.
Uhh.....get the report!.....program..thingy.
by Anonymous September 10, 2003
A word used when the actual name of the object in question will not come to mind. Very versatile but often very vague. It is derived from the phrase "what-you-may-call-it" which can be found in T. H. White's The Once and Future King.
Claire- "Hey, Adam, hand me the- the- you know, the whatchamacallit."

Adam- "The what?"
by Cu2Au May 26, 2006
can refer to anything at any point in time when you can think of the objects name.
"can i have that thingamajig... that thingamajig right on top of the thing...you know the thingamajig?"
by Janine March 28, 2004
Kawasaki KLR 650 counterbalancer idler shaft adjustment lever
A part that frequently fails on these motorcycles. Owners simply refer to this part as a doohickey, since nobody can remember the official name.
by flyingobject March 13, 2008
'Thing' is a rather useful little word that can be substituted for most nouns or noun clauses. It's main uses are:

1. An object you can't remember or don't know the name of.

2. An interest or area of knowledge

3. A penis.

4. An engagement or appointment.

5. A romantic relationship.

6. Used in any variation on "there is this thing where ______" which is used as a filler.
1. "Hey, could you pass that blue thing?

2. "I don't know if you should cut your hair or not. Ask Lola. Style is her thing."

Slut: So he took off his pants, and I saw his thing!
Strumpet: Was it a big thing or a small thing?
Harlot: Oh, I've done him before. He has a medium-sized thing.

4. We couldn't see the movie on Thursday because she had a thing.

5. They had a thing for a while, but they broke up.

6. At the mall there's this thing where you can get your picture taken.
by lynx wings April 23, 2005
a whatchamacallit or a thingamajig
Where is that dohickey? Is there any special k left in it?
by Mikey Brass December 05, 2007
1) An un-namable gadget of some sort, possibly highly technical.
2) Another meaning for father or dad.
Hey, pass me that doodad to your left

Happy doodads day!!!
by Sabz October 24, 2003
a stupid person. their intelligence is the same as other objects such as chairs, lamposts etc.

similar to tool or weapon in some areas.
you are such a fuckin object mate, sort ya life out.
by dingalingking December 28, 2010
The cutest thing ever.
Gizmo is a cute dog.
by Lyndsay Vi April 10, 2008
Something you say when you cannot remember or be bothered to say what it is someone has.
Yeah, Tim is over there with his new whatsit
by Cleo Byrd July 23, 2008