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Metallica's 2nd bassist, and one of the greatest metal bassists of all time. Along with Steve Harris of Iron Maiden, he was one of the first metal bass players to play complex bass lines. He also liked to play loud and often soloed (with distortion, and sometimes wah). Because of this, some people have reffered to him as a "lead bassist".

He co-wrote several great metallica songs, including Master of Puppets and Orion (which was played at this funeral), and composed most of To Live is To Die, which was recorded as a tribute to Burton in metallicas ..And Justice for All album.

Cliff died September 27, 1986 after metallica's tour bus overturned in rural Swedan.
RIP Cliff Burton.

When a Man Lies He Murders
Some Part of the World
These Are the Pale Deaths Which
Men Miscall Their Lives
All this I Cannot Bear
to Witness Any Longer
Cannot the Kingdom of Salvation
Take Me Home
by I hate your Emo Haircut December 11, 2004
552 28
One of the greatest bands of all time, with over 85 million albums sold. Known to have been pioneers of the 80s metal scene.
by JasonAshton February 20, 2003
7525 1981
ONE of my favorite albums. kick ass.
ONE is my favorite MetallicA song.
imprisoning me
all that i see
absolute horror
i cannot live
i cannot die
trapped in my self
body my holding cell
has taken my sight
taken my speech
taken hearing
taken my arms
taken my legs
taken my soul
left me with a life in HEEEEELLLLLLL!!
by MetallilbangeR April 05, 2005
203 64
A character in Lovecraft's tale "The Call of Cthulhu". Cthulhu is a monstrous entity who lies "dead but dreaming" in the city of R'lyeh, a place of non-Euclidean madness presently (and mercifully) sunken below the depths of the Pacific Ocean. Cthulhu appears in various monstrous and demonic forms in early myths of the human race. Racial memory preserves Him as humanity's most basic nightmare. Cthulhu is the high priest of the Great Old Ones, unnatural alien beings who ruled the Earth before humanity formed, worshipped as gods by some misguided people. It is said that They will return, causing worldwide insanity and mindless violence before finally displacing humanity forever.
"That bitch had some Cthulhu eyes."
by ephidryn December 02, 2003
969 136
The title of Metallica's ninth studio album, due out in September, 2008.

dude death magnetic is gonna be so sick
by lol ok? June 14, 2008
301 42
A metallica album from July 1983. A favorite to the thrash crowd and any one that has good taste in music.
The nu metal kids have no idea what Kill em all is.
by UserNames_Suck March 05, 2004
269 103
A San Franciscan guitarist, who started playing at the age of 15 on his brothers guitar. Once gaining enough skill played in a couple bands, Starting Exodus in the process. He later flew to New York to join with Metallica and has become one of the most influential and copied lead guitarist of all time. Is very well known for his "fuck off" attitude and lightning fast fingers. Also being recognized as a prominent surfer, and studier of zen. Plays his guitar 364 days of the year.
did you hear those lixx kirk hammett played? hes the fucking best!
by matt December 06, 2003
348 102
ktulu(chtulu) was the monster featuring in HP Lovecraft's 'the call of chtulu', after which a metallica instrumental was named.
Jaymz: what shall we call our great new instrumental cliff?

cliff: how about calling it after this kickass book, the call of cthulu?

jaymz: hell yeh
by prolific dowloader November 23, 2004
144 42
Drummer for the largest metal band ever, Metallica. Takes a lot of heat for the napster incident. Also gets shit on a lot by people who say he sucks a lot at drums, without thinking if the fact that Lars never said he was good, or talks like he knows what the hell he's doing anyways. He probably doesnt care anyways. He is making truckloads of money playing for Metallica, and he has a hot doctor wife. Does life get any better? I submit that it does not!
-Who plays drums for Metallica?
-Why, Lars Ulrich plays the drums for Metallica.
-Ah, Thank You
by scuba steve November 07, 2004
495 219