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A band from Newark, NJ. They have two albums out, the first one being "I brought you my bullets, you brought me your love"(eyeball records) second one being "three cheers for sweet revenge" (reprise). Vox- Gerard Way, Guitar- Ray Toro, Bass- Mikey Way, Drums- Bob (formerly Matt), and last but not least guitar- Frank Iero.
Yes, Mikey and Gerard are brothers. Singles so far: "honey this mirror isn't bing enough for the two of us", "vampires will never hurt you", "I'm not okay, I promise", "Helena".

Please look into them before being asswipes. I'm not okay doesn't do them justice (not that it's not good) but.. if you want to hear a real MCR song listen to something like " Thank you for the venom" or "our lady of sorrows" or something like that to get a better idea of their sound.
I saw them in october (04') and they were amazing.
My Chemical Romance is an amazing band.
by danyelle January 02, 2005
Amazingly talented singer and frontman of My Chemical Romance, beautiful voice. Puts on one hell of a live show. Often wears red stained suits when performing. Brother of Mikey Way.
Gerard Way was so on the ball tonight!
by Allie July 19, 2004
My Chemical Romance's alter ego / Their new album. The first song off it is Welcome to the black parade.
This was in an interview sent to people who signed up to the black parade
by black_Llama August 27, 2006
My Chemical Romance's 2002 debut, was a particularly strident entry in that shifty genre of bands, slamming together elements of emo, hardcore, and even metal. Rightly signed to a larger label (In this case, Reprise Records), MCR has returned in 2004 with Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge. With the aid of production major-leaguer, Howard Benson, they've edited the slightly rookie excesses of the band's first album. This resulting in a pretty damn good relentless product. Ghosts wander in this Sweet Revenge, and the blood-stained lovers on it's cover are no joke. ".....Throttle the ignition, Would I die for you, Well here's you answer in spades.....Got you in my sights", singer Gerard Way wails in Hang 'Em High. There is also a cinematic concepting here - The story of a man, a woman, and the corpses of a thousand evil men... the liners intone. You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison begins, "In the middle of a gunfight, in the center of a restaurant, they say come with your arms raised high". The cut is claustrophobic, messy, and juiced with adrenaline, like the Tokyo crime caper shootout, it was probably inspired by. Picture antiheroes leaping sideways with twin pistols blaring - in slow motion of course - and you've almost got it. Put an old "At the drive - in" record in the background, and suddenly you're shot in the arm, and down to your last clip. This cd combines treble - kicking production, constant hyperness, "Get to the next note now" instrumentation, and great thematic songwriting. Three Cheers teams with the influences Mcr shares with their peers, but recent efforts from fellow travelers such as The Used and Thursday, don't have the same furious immediacy or coarseness that makes them so appealing. My Chemical Romance seems to have built - in restrictive bindings that prevent them from flying off the handle quiet - loud screamo stereotyping , or odd bird stopovers into choral parts or maudlin piano. Something Like "Ghost Of You" might slow the pace, but it doesn't touch the railing guitars or explosive drumming. Album highlights include the propulsive chain shots "Give 'Em Hell Kid" and "To The End", where layers of vocals increase urgency of modernist emo. There's no question that Three Cheers surpasses MCR's first album by a landslide. Expect nothing but extremely amazing music from this cd.
It's Not A Fashion Statement, It's A Fucking Deathwish from Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge.

Hip hip hooray for me, You talked to me, But would you kill me in my sleep, Lay still like the dead, From the razor to the rosary, We could lose ourselves and paint these walls in pitchfork red, I will avenge my ghost with every breath I take, I'm coming back from the dead, Would I take you home with me, I'm taking back the life you stole.....
by Helena Iero October 29, 2005
The wonderful drummer of My Chemical Romance.
He was the sound man of The Used, but he joined MCR after Matt Pellisier left.
He is sooo cute and very talented.
Bob is my bitch.
Bob is the best.
Bob rocks with his chekered shoes.
by SaBBb June 02, 2005
Extremely hot and talented guitarist formerly of the band Pencey Prep and currently in My Chemical Romance(a.k.a. one of the best bands on the face of the earth)
Frankie Iero is the sex
by Jessica November 28, 2004
a name for the most gorgeous person in the whole entire world. her beauty is undenieable
Random Kid: "wow, that girl is beautiful"

Random Kid 2: "Thats because her name is Helena "

helena is awesome.
by musicchickawowa February 01, 2009
What is My Chemical Romance without Mikey Way? The younger brother of Gerard. Sure he is a nerd, but a hot one. So sweet as to give up college for his bro in order to play bass in MCR. I thank him.
Three cheers for Mikey Way!
by Tammy April 29, 2005
Guitarist//backup vocalist of My Chemical Romance. Has nice, fleecy hair .. on his head.
Person: Which member of My Chemical Romance are you?
Person: Where's the rest of your band?
RAY TORO: They are nesting in my hair.
by .. RAY TORO April 03, 2005
The Used is an awesome band that hails from Oram, Utah. Their mellodic songs are enhanced by Bert McCraken's (lead singer) ability to scream to perfection.
I f!@#$ing love The Used
by Deb November 01, 2004