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Thesaurus for taxi

Synonyms, antonyms, and related words for taxi

1. a taxi (a yellow car with a sign on top that will drive your ass around town for a price calculated per minute or per mile)

2. a switch jump on a skateboard, snowboard, or skiis in which you start fakie, spin at least 360 and land forward (named after Steven Caballero)
1. If you don't want to get on the subway with the hoi polloi and can't afford a chauffeur, you can always take a cab.

2. We spent all afternoon practicing cabs on the halfpipe.
by creaternity May 27, 2006
105 55
Is always male because women can not drive. He makes the fucking decisions because he is driving the car. He is responsible for everyone. He is the leader. You listen to him. He doesn't take any shit from the back seat driver. His favorite person in the car is the wing man. He realizes the person riding shotgun is the idiot who called it and will probably die first when he decides to kill himself and everyone else. The person in the bitch seat in between him and shotgun is the reason he will kill everyone because he/she is making him go crazy. He likes the hump person because when he looks in his rear view mirror, the person smiles at him. He could care less about the person in the trunk because he/she have no seat belt and no one can hear he/she.
John drives his white marauder (1996 Toyota Corolla) with fierce dictatorship. Why? because he is the driver and has totaled 3 cars. You shut the fuck up and listen to him because he just might do it again.
by jpabaloni March 19, 2007
208 118
Men's best companion. Often referred as "My wife".
"Dude! Where's my car?"
by Anon May 06, 2003
1167 330
When you have to hold on to the grass to keep from falling off the earth.
arrrrrrggggg! (like a pirate but in more pain)
by REV. Smitty February 24, 2005
6976 637
Okay, so Top 10 Reasons Why Taking the Bus Rocks:

Firstly, you don't have to wear a seatbelt. Anyone who says they like wearing seatbelts is gay. And a liar.

Secondly, the people are really weird. Like ther's one guy I used to see EVERYWHERE who's all normal and shit, except that he wears skirts. Not kilts. Skirts. What this means is that you can be as strange and obnoxious as possible and no will say anything. In fact, they will do their best to ignore you.

Thirdly, if you wear sunglasses and look around and write things down, people look at you funny or hid their face and give you more to write about.

Fourthly, you can be as high or as drunk as you want and still get to where you want to go with the added bonus of not having to give a stilted-English speaking cabi directions while slurring.

Fifthly, it's cheap, and you don't have to pay for gas or insurance or maintenance of any kind.

Sixthly, if bus drivers are friendly they make your day and if they're jerkfaces they give you a good story to tell.

Seventhly, you get to listen to other people's conversations and know about intimate things in their lives, like how their job sucks (which, by the way, is pretty obvious if they're riding a bus).

Eightly, if you're young, you get motivated to succeed so you don't get stuck riding the bus forever. And if you're old, you get to look at other people who failed and feel better about yourself.

Ninthly, there's fun graffitti around to entertain you.

And tenthly, there are always hilarious fashion blunders on fake blonde twelve year olds with blue eyeliner from Orleans who think they're hot shit, like wearing Stitches sky-blue half-bleached jeans with a pink belly shirt.

So ya, s'il vous plais ne plaindre pas.
"O Oysters," said the Carpenter,
"You've had a pleasant run!
Shall we be trotting home again?"
But answer came there none -
And this was scarcely odd, because
They'd eaten every one.
by streets November 21, 2004
714 168
One of the best movies of all time starring Robert De Niro. De Niro plays a psychotic taxi driver named Travis Bickle who doesn't sleep much and is sick of the scum of the city. In order to clean the scum of the society and save a teenage prostitute, he uses violence as the way to do it.
Taxi Driver should have won the oscar for the Best Picture Award in 1976 over Rocky.
by sagzag June 22, 2004
374 37
What kind of moron are you that you look up sex in the urban dictionary?
Looking up sex??? Seriously, get off now before I turn off the internet.
by TJ (CC) December 03, 2005
180850 48061
A guy who drives a cab.
This guy often doesn't speak much English, but he may have been a brain surgeon in his home country (Ukrania, Cambodia, Eritrea, pick one) so give him a little respect, especially if he drives like a total bad ass.
It's rude not to tip the cabbie, unless he almost gets you killed or doesn't give you an honest fare.
by creaternity May 28, 2006
83 21
1. A vehicle or mode of transportation. Usually belongs to someone else.
2. A sexual position when the female is on top and the male is prone on his back.
3. A sexually desirable male from a female point of view.
1. Let's use jesse's ride. It's got room and an a/c.
2. We had sex all night honey. You'll have to ride me now, i'm beat.
3. Look at him sarah! He's a ride!
by Brian Eakerous December 28, 2003
842 377
Tripping over or dropping stuff or both together. Has origins from being too drunk to drive, i.e. requiring a taxi.
*Walking down stairs carrying books, falls over* exclaims, "TAXI"
by S Sanger October 12, 2005
117 33