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Pussy beer. It's for golfers and queers.
"Let's get some michelobe ultra"

"Yeah, right after I powder my pussy... Queer."
by Vikingtechnologi March 14, 2014
a cheap alcoholic bevarage good for getting drunk. So light you can't taste it after the first one. Very popular at parties!
John: Pass me a bud light!
Jill: How many you had?
Johm: Twelve, but drunk even not i'm!
by CRUNKone July 22, 2006
Piss flavored water. From the princess of beer Budweiser- the weekest damn beer ever.
by Anonymous October 31, 2003
Cheap beer that isnt the best tasting, but is great to drink with friends just to have fun and get drunk. Popular among young people (especially college).
Don't diss Coors Light just because its not some fancy rich-ass beer. It gets you drunk, and thats all that counts.
by Kamoflage July 27, 2004
A "beer" that tastes roughly like the scrapings of a urinal filtered through a pair of old underwear. Sickeningly yellow concoction that poses as beer that is so cheap that it is popular with the poor crowd.
Stupid Redneck Fuck: Gimme a Miller Light!
by Yak Dribble December 29, 2007
one of the best, cheap beers out there.
id give my friend a miller lite, but hes a redneck and only drinks bud lite.
by Velocifero July 18, 2005

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