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the entire band is a portable orgasm. especially lead vocalist sonny moore. their music is god-like and...and just let me say....damn
"Ride the wings of pestilence" = love
by marykate mcdonald May 06, 2005
Pluralised Version of 'From First to LAst'. Amazing emo band that would beat everything into the air with a large stick before screaming at it to kill the lights.
I might be seeing FFTL supporting 36 CF at London Astoria, April 8th 2oo5
by Darbz March 02, 2005
the damn sexy guitarest of From First To Last.He has his lip pierced, stretched ears and the way he does his make up is just amazing.Matt is a freaking awesome guitarest and deserves alot of credit.
Matt good is hella sexy and hella talented
by what-the-fuck-ever March 28, 2006
from the Latin root word "skrillisus" meaning "Homosexual Satan Wasp"
My frat brother and I went to a Skrillex concert; little did I know that meant being ass-raped by a giant flying insect.
by February 14, 2012
The amazing drummer of From First To Last.
Is also in The Color of Violence with fftl guitarist Travis Richter.
Also, Dereks current girlfriends name is Sommer.
Was born in California.
Derek Bloom has the most gorgeous eyes. <33
by wowthatshardcore August 21, 2006
Travis Richter is one out of the two guitarists for the band From First To Last.He also screams and does the vocals when Sonny Moore isn't around.(for whatever reason)
He's also in another band called "The Color Of Violence" With FFTl's drummer Derek Bloom.
He's born in 1981. (You do the math)
Teenie: OmG! sOnNeEh!! *orgasms*
Me: HEEY! theres is Travis Richter, Derek Bloom and Matt Good too you know
FFTL Fan: have you seen the last concert?
FFTL Fan2: Yes! I was infront and had a good view of Travis it rocked!
by xx_Heroine July 12, 2006
To literally beat the shit out of someone. Especially to one who really is testing your patience. The beating is similar to what carlo received from sonny in the movie The Godfather.
Damn, that motherfucker really pissed me off. I'd go sonny on him if he doesn't happen to be my dad.
by anon5555 September 20, 2009
Ruined by MTV
We must save music
by Shaq November 07, 2003
the music that is created from transformers having sex
dubstep is the music that causes orgasms for all ages 10 and up
by carsoncb August 23, 2010
a loving kind person
every body wants moore!
by David G Moore April 07, 2003

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