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Thesaurus for snief

Synonyms, antonyms, and related words for snief

a nigga hu has acted ina sneaky sniefy manner.ie. a snief
nigga:u sniefy cunt yo!snief!
by Loz January 15, 2005
11 4
anova word fo snief.also comes from tha word freek-a-leek.
nigga:u fuckin snief-a-leek yo!get ur handz outa ma bag!
by Loz January 15, 2005
10 3
Somebody dat has acted sniefy.
Past tense for a sniefy action.
If u av nicked,robbed or sneaked something.
Nigga:Av u jus sniefed ma lighter?
M8:Av i fuck!I aint no snief-a-leek!
by gotgamegurl June 21, 2005
0 39
a word describing tha way a snief iz acting.ie. sneaky snief
nigga:he sniefly sniefed ma bag,fuckin snief!
by Loz January 15, 2005
8 1
(v.) To smoke marijuana. Commonly used as slang for "getting high", "smoking up", etc.
Yo let's go chief after school today.
by Billy February 10, 2003
2288 675
A girl or slut that does freaky things all the time. She never can have enough sex. She can do every sex position imaginable and make up her own. Petey Pablo made a theme song for these women, Freek-a-Leek. They may also often have ghetto names.
Rodeesha is a Freek-a-Leek.
by TipsyMa4Lyfe June 07, 2004
190 42