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To consume a lot of alcochol whilst on a night out.
"Who is coming out on the skite tonight?"

"Snakeus is skited off his tits!"

"Tonight we will be skiting it hard"

"All aboard the Skite Train, last stop Skiteville!"
by Daniel Hunter August 02, 2006
Bragging, talking boastfully
Stop skyting about your car
by PrincessButtermug November 17, 2011
(1) slang: to disrespect someone (to diss); to make fun of someone; used by a third party after a first party makes fun of a second party. Brought back to life by the ever-popular That 70's Show.

(2) slang: to smoke marijuana or any other drug used with fire, to get high. see burn out

(3) verb: to char or scorch something using fire
(1) Child: "Mom, did people really use the word 'BURN!' in the 70's?"
Mother: "No."
Child: Oh, BURN!

(2) Stoner 1: Man, are we gonna get burnt out today?
Stoner 2: I don't know, it isn't 420

(3) Tony watched the logs burn in the fire.
by THE ALL KNOWING AMY May 05, 2004
A commen is:

a) a cereal company in competition with criterion
b) a chicken
c) an insignificant comment which doesn't make sense but is funny to the writer and an individual reader nonetheless
d) a computer omen
Girl: My computer just crashed!
An It: It's a commen.
by Mimi George September 06, 2006
a machine for downloading porn
"oh no, the computer broke, i ejaculated all over the keyboard"
by Anonymous February 22, 2003
Cooking is a dance trend invented by Lil' B, in that it's only waist up - designed to be done in front of a web cam.

Different Levels of cooking include:
-Head Chefs
-Top Chefs
-Master Chef (like a black belt)
We be cooking like a master chef right now - SWAG!
by SWAGCOOKING December 10, 2010
The process of being disliked by many because you are better than them
by *********** March 29, 2003
that annoying thing that wakes u up in the middle of the night just because ur idiot friend broke up with her loser boyfriend.
i hate my phone i hate my phone i hate my phone!
To skide on the ground is to slip slightly or start skidding on the ground.
Basically, a scottish word for the word skidding, but instead skide/skiding.
'He went skiding down the path!'
'It was just a wee skide'
by K_x3 January 03, 2010
An insult to make at a drunk, black man who can't spell shit right.
Derp:Get on Skype
Herp:im coming out waiy dont have intecebw
Herp:idont huve internyt to koin skyde party (:
Derp:What the fuck?
Herp:wtf guiseehfirugh7856h7 im chilln dooz
Derp:Fucking Skyde...
by Ohshitheishighagain May 05, 2011

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