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Thesaurus for scarlet

Synonyms, antonyms, and related words for scarlet

an extremely hot, sexy, amazingly beautiful looking girl who would probably want everyone to see this.
damn i saw scarlett today im a lucky guy
by wessideoutlaw February 17, 2008
536 202
Flavor of kool-aid to a black person.
Mom: Ey hunnah! I'm hittin' up the local Safeway. Does yo bitch ass need anythin!?
Son: Yeah git me some kool-aid bitch!
Mom: What flava?!
Son: red!
by AuntieTATA August 23, 2005
2669 1228
A deep rich purplish red colour.

The cape's crimson.
by Jafje April 10, 2007
146 37
The worst of all Sexually transmitted diseases. This is a combination of Gonorrhea, Herpes, Syphilis and Aids. It is transmitted by sexual contact, spit, toe jam, dingleberries, nose hairs and rubbing nipples together. Most people catch it from sexual contact with an infected partner or unprotected sex with a gopher tortise. The only cure is to analy penetrate a female virgin goat from the Himalayas.
I go my whole life being carefull. One night I get drunk and Fuck 1 Gopher Tortise and BAM.....I got Gonoherpesyphilaids...Where the hell am I gonna get enough money for a plane ticket to the Himalayas?
by Antjaw September 16, 2004
34 15
I. One who is:

a. gorgeous
b. pretty
c. beautiful
d. cute
e. attractive

II. One who you would:

a. lick
b. suck
c. nibble
d. flirt with
e. have sexual relations with

III. One who makes you:

a. flip
b. crazy
c. nutty
d. pass out
e. drool
f. fantasize
g. (if girl) wet
h. (if guy) hard
i. masturbate
The intern in my history class is such a(HOT chick)hottie I get (if chick)wet / (if guy)hard just looking at her.
by Rosy April 19, 2003
10315 2524
A written symbol or character representing a speech sound and being a component of an alphabet.
Letters make up words.
by HT January 15, 2004
53 10
1. A period of pure agony for a female, lasting way too long. Signs of this state include screaming at anything that moves, rolling around on the couch in pain, and spending hours with cold water and stain remover.
2. A useful thing that ends a scentence, that does not exist for most l337 people.
2. "Use a period for once, goddamnit."
by Shatose October 27, 2003
5541 1519
A largest university in New Jersey where students are not spoonfed like other universities. The premiere public university of New Jersey. Home of the now famous grease trucks. Constantly plagued by retards spreading urban legend of having a high rate of STDs.
1. Here at Rutgers, we won't baby you. Do you your work.
by eelanahineb September 23, 2005
1079 331
1. n, a dirty whore, skank.
2. adj, slutty or dirty
(n) That scagg was all over my dick last night.
(adj)Yo that pussy is totally SCAGG.
by nasserq December 03, 2005
37 21
STD - stands for Sexualy Transmited Disease. The most commonly known is HIV/AIDS. To say the least you don't want an STD.
Dude I fucked her good and I'm gonna have this damn STD for the rest of my life. Don't fuck her.
by LBChris05 February 23, 2003
1681 457