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Thesaurus for santa dog rosa

Synonyms, antonyms, and related words for santa dog rosa

A beautiful and smart girl that always looks good, even in the morning. She doesn't need make up. She is liked by everyone because of her amazing personality.
Person #1: Rosa is amazing.
Person #2: I know right? Wow.
by Larenalie April 01, 2010
A city of about 200,000 in northern California. It is about a 45 minute drive up the coast from san Francisco. Nice people, good weather, and great wine. THere is no such thing as an extremity in Santa rosa. OUr ghetto (west 9th) is a rural mini-slum, and out gangstas are nice enough (if you don't look them in the eye)
Santa rosa is the major city of Sonoma County.
by Resident January 24, 2005
Another name for Santa Rosa, the home of deceased Charles Schultz and his awesome canine creation who'll live forever known as the one and only Snoopy.
Although Santa Rosa is known as the center of the redwood empire as well as a major hub of northern California wine country; if it's real importance was reflected in its name it would be forever called "Snoopyville".
by jim christ May 29, 2009