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Thesaurus for ruse world

Synonyms, antonyms, and related words for ruse world

trick ruses

++++ 11th Floor ++++, Stalkers, murderers, plagiarists,
Soulless People, ruses that are corrupted with garbage
corrupted knowledge, (that are corrupted with garbage
corrupted knowledge about God/Devil), that present
themselves as normal people, human beings under God/Devil

Their trashy little trampy earth minds are corrupted so BAD,
that they wish that they vindicated themselves a long time ago!!!----
by blthrskt December 01, 2009
a ruse who is the silent one.....thus a silent ruse, who opens his trashy little trampy earth ears,
trashy little trampy earth eyes, and keeps his trashy little trampy MOUTH....CLOSED...
and has a good trashy little trampy little earth HEART, and keeps an OPEN MIND...
communicates in riddles and rhymes..... uses song lyrics to portray his message across---
---Sarah Mclaughlin "Possession"
trashy little trampy soul mind

trashy little trampy earth mind

trashy little trampy (anything)

i was a silent ruse for the vindication process.....
by blthrskt November 25, 2009
The 11th Floor is nothing but a sham run by trick ruses, ( ruses ),
Nothing but plagiarismMeeting 5:30 +++ 13th Floor

I silent ruse, HEXed the trick ruses . . . .
The 11th Floor<<<---------is HEXed 4eva!!!
The 11th Floor is PWND by the silent ruse . . . . .

The 11th Floor will receive the Devil’s Thrown Hello . . .

The 11th Floor will be shacking up with the Devil, on his Devil’s Thrown
The 11th Floor are ALIENS from the 13th planet……………
The 11th Floor - - - they ran out the country + + + dropping off like flies === Devil’s Thrown Hello

trashy little trampy earth mind + + + trashy little trampy earth path

trashy little trampy (anything) + + + Inkubus Sukkubus
by blthrskt December 01, 2009
Trashy Little Trampy Soul Minds , in the Trashy Little Trampy Ruse World , that are Hell-Bound ... ... Devil’s Thrown + + Devil’s Thrown Hello ---- Trick Ruses & & & Soulless People from the 11th Floor ==----== ( Plagiarism & & Sham ) & && & 13th Floor will EACH receive a VERY WARM Devil’s Thrown Hello , all because the Trashy Little Trampy Trick Ruses -- Stalkers -- MENACED a Silent Ruse on the 11th Floor and played Schizophrenic Soul Mind Games on the 11th Floor && 13th Floor …… Meeting 5:30 -- -- Silent Ruse <<<---- author blthrskt <<<---WINS !! !! !!

---Trick Ruses are HEXed , by the Silent Ruse , and are now ALIENS from the 13th Planet
---Silent Ruse Gave Birth to the Trick Ruses’ Fears!!!
---11th Floor <<<------ PWND by the Silent Ruse <<<---- author blthrskt
---Trick Ruses &&& Soulless People have Trashy Little Trampy Schizophrenic Soul Minds and they also have “LOSER” stamped right on their Trashy Little Trampy Forehead …
---11th Floor Thesaurus Key LOSERS!!!!
by blthrskt December 09, 2009
your soul's mind..."soul mind"
soul minds belong to God....
My soul mind knows more than my soul mind's telling me...
My soul mind knows more than my soul mind's telling my trashy little trampy earth mind....
My soul mind knows more than my soul mind's telling up to God....
by blthrskt July 04, 2007
soul minds that are corrupted with garbage corrupted knowledge
are going to be shacked up on the Devil's Thrown...

to shack up with HEX
06/06/06 six six six 11th Floor 13th Floor

Your soul minds = Paranoid Schizophrenic soul minds = trick ruses = HELL =

= Devil's Thrown Hello = Devil's Thrown = Your soul minds will blink into nothingness!!!!!

Pain and Torture 4 Blasphemers!!!!<<<- -----DIE!!!
My soul mind: Real Heaven/Hell knowledge!!!

Devil’s Thrown Hello Satan

The Devil's Thrown is reserved for the 11th floor
Inkubus Sukkubus "Church of Madness"!!!
by blthrskt November 30, 2009
stealing ideas or actual passages from someone else's work and pretending they are your own
When writing an article attacking plagiarism, do not copy from someone else's work.
by yorrick hunt January 23, 2008
a cunning attempt to trick.
I don't appreciate your ruse ma'am.
by Morder September 03, 2003
Irish slag
A resident of Ballyshannon, County Donegal, Ireland.
Also, a word frequently used by residents of above town, usually meaning the same as American term "dude".
John's the biggest sham you'll ever see.

Sham! Long time no see.
by Shambert April 05, 2008
A Pagan Rock Band from England
I'm going to see Inkubus Sukkubus at the Whitby goth festival this year
by disturbed_succubus March 28, 2005