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An inappropriately strong negative emotional response from a perceived personal insult. Characterized by strong feelings of shame. Frequently associated with a cessation of communication and overt hostility towards the "aggressor."
Adam got butthurt when Mike stole his bitch.
by Kent April 19, 2003
The term used to describe the world we currently live in, that is constantly being connected, via twitter, facebook , cell phones, pda, crackberries etc. and all of their inter connectivity. This was original coined by cyborgt.
The e-age has blurred the lines of who does what anymore e.g. the phone company offers tv, the web offers movies, the cable company offers phone service. HomeDepot sells xboxs. etc.
by wileybot April 30, 2009
Verb, Loud noises, usually made in the act of Fucking. Though could be used to imply a loud noise.
I had that girl making a FUCKRUCKUS.
by Lucius Macabeus October 08, 2010
a disturbance, loud obnoxious noise
principal: whats this ruckus?
student: I didnt hear a ruckus
principal: I heard a ruckus
student: can you describe this ruckus?
by jesse April 22, 2004
Someone who is extensively annoying
SAR's leader is an annoyance
by Henry McKinnis January 14, 2003
1. Verb - to press up against or to jostle.
2. Noun - the end part of a rifle or shotgun or machinegun that rests against the shoulder or pectoral muscles to increase stability during firing.
3. Noun - the part of a human being that knows wind and earth. The buttocks and anus of a person.
4. Noun - the recipient or target of a joke.
Ever since Father O'Malley was caught butting that butt into that young choirboy's butt, he has become the butt of many cruel jokes.
by HMB April 11, 2003
Last time I checked, a fight was something that two gentlemen (I use this term lightly) start throwing their fists into their fellow man.
Ask Tyler Durden.

by Not Zane September 18, 2004
A Hambone is a term used to describe a Fat Jelly-ass who lives off welfare, is overweight and contributes nothing to society.
Ghost: The reason I made the hambone movement is so you idiots can go out and call fatasses hambones all across the world out here.
by stressed twilight sparkle October 15, 2011
Crazy in a fun, positive, energetic way.
If you feel like getting rompus this weekend, come meet up with us downtown.


This party should be a rompus good time.
by BBCCT - M May 16, 2007

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