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Thesaurus for roxanna

Synonyms, antonyms, and related words for roxanna

A smart, sarcastic, persian with a beautiful smile who loves napping.
Get off of your bed, Roxana.
by Anapoula24 August 31, 2008
460 108
Roxys or Roxicodone is instant release oxycodone. Doctors are starting to use them to replace oxycontin. They come in 15 and 30mg strengths. Unlike oxycontin which is time released over a period of 12hrs Roxys are instantanious so there is no need to crush them down. Unless you are going to shoot them up or snort them. They are also called blues.
The doctor gave me 180 roxys this month rather then the 120 oxys that he usally gives me.
by RanDizzel October 27, 2007
684 315
Another word for a sexual magnet.

hottest female species alive.
That babe is callin' me like a roxanne
by bitches puhlease January 16, 2008
1327 226
Something that is ultra cool.
Nothing rox like a fredo
by Steve Hall November 18, 2004
268 82
A 30mg small round blue pill with the imprint, A/215.
I blew down 5 roxies the other day and i felt like i was on top of the world, chain smoking.. until i finally knodded off.
by GangbangG February 25, 2008
177 64
Pretty, Smart, Enchating Girl with great dreams to become a Manga artist. Succeeds in everything that she does. Never gives up. Is a tomboy at times.
Roxie is the prettiest girl in the entire world.
by Julia July 28, 2003
161 81
Trying to finger a girl in the vagina. But missing and getting her in the bum hole.
"Oh sick dude, you pulled an aj on her?"
by Kyle Justus July 11, 2006
1691 1097
What Michael Jackson told us he was all along.
"You know I'm bad. I'm bad. You know it. Shum-on."
by Rusty Spell January 30, 2004
1950 716
An asian person who acts like they are white. Yellow on the outside, white on the inside.
Quang doesn't know what Dim Sum is? man that guy's a Banana.
by Troy February 19, 2003
3498 942
rubbing a girls pussy until she has an orgasm
i fingered my girl for an hour last night a she had the biggets orgasm she cam all over me.
by d November 17, 2003
646 310