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The greatest and most popular sport in history with more than 5 times the TV audience of the next most popular (cricket - every radio and TV in the sub-continent is permanently tuned to Pakistan/India cricket matches - that's a big audience).

Only Americans call it 'soccer' owing to their vast ignorance of what goes on outside their national boundaries and the misnomer which has them thinking than a corruption of rugby, with all the danger and most of the skill removed can also be called 'football'.

'The Beautiful Game' can be played anywhere, on almost any surface, by any number of players, for almost any length of time. And is. There is no country on earth that doesn't play. It has inspired more passion, more courage and more excitement than any other sport in history and dwarfs everything else.
Football is, without question, the defining sporting activity of the human race.
by sicinius October 15, 2007
The world's most popular sport
by Anonymous September 27, 2003
one day God decided to make the greatest football player ever, so he grabbed a bowl and mixed the best ingredients he had. unfortunately he left it too long on the oven and got ruined so He named it cristiano ronaldo and sent it to earth. He then tried again and truly made the best player ever and named him messi. He now plays for barcelona...
wow messi is so amazing
yea i know but messi and amazing are synonyms so rephrase yourself buddy!!
by liomessi December 21, 2009
A man who is honest, loyal, faithful, full of life and always true to their significant other. Creative and extremely handsome, smart, and knows what he wants; knows how to set his goals, including having a great soul that any person would be lucky to be with.
Girl 1: I met this amazing guy who is very creative and impresses on how smart he is.
Girl 2: Really! He sounds like a Cristiano to me.
by Moon_goddess June 16, 2014
Cristiano Ronaldo is the next player to make the number 7 shirt famous, just as King Eric did in the 90's, Ronaldo will do it in the 00's.
Millwall Cup Final and that cross - need I say more
by Mike August 23, 2004
"Football Is For All".
*Husband: From 11th June until 11th July 2010, the television is mine, at all times, without any exceptions. The remote control will be fingerprinted each night, any sign of your fingerprints and all shopping trips will be cancelled for a month.
*Wife: But… FIFA and I like fitbaw, too!
by quan cao tien August 06, 2010
Best country of the World.
Unfortunately taxes are bigger than the country itself.
Still, an historical country that has a good clime, great landscapes and beaches.
Excelent for vacation.
Oh, and beautiful, beautiful women.
A peaceful place, optimal for vacation and full of darn nice ladies?
Portugal is the answer.
by striker675 May 29, 2005
A Football team which was formed in 1902, competing in the Primera Division or 'La Liga'. It has never been relegated from top flight football in their 103 years of playing. It is possibly the greatest football club in the history of the game, or for that matter the most successful club of the 20th Century. The King of Spain "King Alfonso XIII" gave the club the blessing to become "Real" Madrid C.F. Real meaning Royal in Spainish. They have won a combined total of 29 La Liga titles, 9 Champions League Titles, 1 European Super Cup, 3 Intercontinental Cups, 2 UEFA Cups, 17 Copa del Rey Titles and 7 Spainish Super Cups. Since Florentino Perez took over the role as Club President in 2000 he has spended big on buying great players like Zinedine Zidane, Luis Figo, Ronaldo, Roberto Carlos, Micheal Owen, David Beckham and just recently buying Robinho from Santos for the next five seasons. In the past two years unfortunately they haven't won any major titles, but with new reinforcements they look better then ever and will prove their worth in the up-coming season.
Real Madrid C.F are the greatest club in the world, i love watching them play it's just amazing! HUGE FAN! NO OTHER CLUB CAN BOAST THE SAME RESPECT AS REAL MADRID C.F
by Ashton Pereira July 31, 2005
Strong, Protector, Lover, Fighter, Warrior. Stay on thier good side! If your a man he can be your best friend or your worst nightmare. If your a woman, wrap your arms and legs around him and hold on tight! If he is ambivilent towards you, embrace the fact that you are probably a loser
Damn dude he's a Ron
by BigPimpinDaddy February 03, 2010

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