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Thesaurus for retard strong

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A person born with a mental condition and therefore has to work a million times harder to be able to do simple things (such as learn and communicate) that we take for granted. On top of this, a retard will usually suffer a lot of ridicule from society because people fear what they do not understand. The people who choose to make fun of the mental retarded tend to be complete morons and cannot comprehend that these people have feelings and emotions just like anyone else.
I find it amusing that saying somebody has cancer would not be taken as a joke and yet, using another disease such as mental retarded as an insult is common among society, and many do not realize that it is very offensive and that there is something seriously wrong about it.
by unknown June 29, 2003
The inexplicable physical force possessed by the mentally handicapped, even after they have been institutionalized or are incapable of any excercise program. Retard strength is never used for any constructive purpose, and often results in unintentional injury.
Even after he broke out of his restraints and had three guards and a nurse subduing him, he still had enough retard strength to break two chairs and a table.
by drgorpon November 13, 2006
someone who comes off as confident
someone who is comfortable in there own skin
someone who can take on the world
someone who should be very proud of themselves
Erin is a very strong person.
by tinydancer2012 February 27, 2008
when one transforms into a state of mind that is that beyond of a human.
Woah! that dude is carrying a car, he's superhuman!
by superhumanjesse February 07, 2006
arkansas is the natural state and is not as bad as most people think it is.it is the home of the razorbacks and is the only place in the usa where real diamonds are mined.it is the natural state because there is wildlife every where u look.its a beautiful state.and they do where shoes.
I went camping down in arkansas.
by woo pig June 29, 2005
Arkansian refers to the poor uneducated portion of Arkansas' society.

An Arkansian is a drain on the economy. They take more than they give. They're immoral, frequently having relations to those related to them. Their IQ is frequently under 80, and the are often known to never travel further than 20 miles from the place they were born.
Austin is cool, but those Arkansians got to got.
by fitty4ex August 14, 2008
an atomic bomb is performed by climbing to the top of the stall and shitting (or attempting to shit) into the toilet from about 5 to 6 feet above the bowl

may also be called atomic dump
freddy climbed up on the stall and dropped an atomic bomb into the crapper
by pmoney February 22, 2005
Even god finds them funny.
Down's syndrome kid: "Help me, my eyes are r8 small but ma head's pure massive"
Guy watching: "Hahaha oh my god you should be put down."
by sdw298 May 05, 2008
You know that boss enemy in a video game that you can't get past no matter how many sticky bombs or throwing knives you toss at it? It always finds a way to take your face and give it a nice little sitting area on it's mantle. That would be a flamethrowing atomic bomb. Sort of like the "Golden Egg" scenario.

A Flamethrowing Atomic Bomb is an impossible-to-defeat-without-sever-repercussions entity in a video game or in real life that, no matter how many solutions you may toss at it, turns out just won't go down without fucking other shit up.
In a video game scenario:

Average Guy 1: Oh, my god! I'm up to Level 22 with that one boss.
Average Guy 2: Ahh, that guy's a Flamethrowing Atomic Bomb.
AG1: WTF?! I got killed on the first shot?
AG2: Told you, my turn.
In a real life scenario:

Guy 1: God, Mr. Dink is a fucking flamethrowing atomic bomb.
Guy 2: Why's that?
G1: He wants me to complete all of these TPS Reports by Thursday but I already explained to him that's not my department!
G2: Huh..What does that have to do with a flamethrowing atomic bomb?
by fankdankwanklanklancepants October 19, 2010
the President of the United States of America.
George W. Bush is the dumbest fucking hick in the whole mother fucking world.
by m. wuornos January 22, 2005