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Thesaurus for red sauce

Synonyms, antonyms, and related words for red sauce

Best food to eat while talking at the same time.
Evvee butty mangia da mingia!
by Pasta Fazoo November 29, 2003
221 59
Ejaculate. Semen. Jizz.
Rico Suave was eating a pink taco and getting meat sauce all over the place.
by hondo July 05, 2005
48 9
One of the most good, healthy, handy, inexpansive food ever.
John: Where are you from dude?
Pippo: Italy.
John: Go make some Pasta then.
by caxo February 09, 2007
356 146
Another way of saying source.
OMG, that's hawt! Sauce?
by DarkHowie December 26, 2004
3129 803
A term used to describe someone who is denial of his homosexuality...because even though you think a tomato is a vegetable, it's really a "fruit"
What a tomato, he definitely likes guys
by bananacakes December 17, 2002
488 169
a substance you eat,then poop out.usually followed my a nap.
hungry.....need food....
by fungie May 19, 2004
2043 397
A state of complacency or happiness. Stable goodness.
It's all gravy.
by Jessu May 25, 2003
799 152
Hrrb is an onomatopoeia that a tomato makes while existing. It is distinct from other such tomato onomatopoeiae like 'sqwirsch' and 'splat', in that they are made specifically from actions involving the deformation, up to and including destruction of the tomato, whereas 'hrrb' is simply the sound a tomato makes while in an existentially stable state. Situations where one could reasonably expect to observe a tomato emitting this onomatopoeia are: while growing healthily on its vine; sitting in the produce aisle waiting to be bought; ripening on a window sill; sitting on a cutting board prior to, but not including throughout, or after culinary preparation. Pronunciation is homophonous to 'herb', which coincidentally, are ideal complements to most tomato-based dishes. As it is much like a low humming sound, when tomatoes are in large quantities their onomatopoeiae will bleed into one another, creating an unsettling dull roar within their immediate vicinity.
Tomato: "hrrb hrrb"

Tomatoes: "hrrrbrrbrrbrrbrrbrrbrrbrrbrrb"
by AnOnymous September 14, 2013
0 0
An Italian word, literally meaning 'sailor style', referencing the coarse nature of seamen and their perceived propensity for the anus.
Come here Cecil so I can give you a good rogering... marinara style
by jahRambo April 17, 2011
22 3
Noun: A distinct political unit, for all intents and purposes a country in its own right, located at the top north-east corner of the island of Ireland, comprised of six of the nine counties of Ulster.

Also known as God's Own Country or God's Chosen Six Counties, generically as Ulster or the Province, and most often shortened in literature to Norn Iron. A little country of a mere 1.5 million people, where job opportunities and social cohesion are so absent that most of the population drinks heavily and hates everyone else.

Vodka is cheap here, as is beer, thank god.

Northern Ireland contains everything that is good about the island of Ireland. The Northern Irish people have a dark self-deprecating sense of humour. We also beat England in 2005 in a football match and we'll never let them forget it.

Lots of people in Northern Ireland are inbred. Guinness tastes better up here, too.

Northern Ireland has many enemies in the wider world, but mostly they are just haters, jealous of Our Wee Country.
Foreigner : Northern Ireland? Never heard of it.
Me : It's fulla wankers mate. But it's home.

"We're not Brazil, we're Northern Ireland"
(popular football song)

Northern Ireland. The home of tatty bread and brown lemonade.
by Ownies Puppy August 22, 2006
438 221