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Thesaurus for rb26dett

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1. In extremely innovative and ground breaking company that slowly began to (until recently) release boring, generic, water-downed, and de-tuned vehicles to North America.

2. A company; that despite tremendous enthusiasm and support, refuses to release outstanding vehicles such as the Skyline, Silvia, and GTi-R in North America.
Instead of the awesome sr20det powered Silvia, I'm stuck with this ka24de powered 240SX P.O.S.
by John September 01, 2004
a great japanese sports car built originally as a station wagon by the prince motor company in 1955. as prince merged with with Nissan, it tranformed. In 1968, the GT-R model made its debut,and it produced 160hp. The currnet R-34 model has a 2.6 liter DOHC inline-6 twin turbo motor that pushes out 280hp. These were never marketed in America, although you can buy one(EXPENSIVE). Nissan has now stopped production of these beautiful machines because of the 350-Z takeover.
dude! do you sell crack?? how did you afford that skyline?!
by only$19.99,less s+h December 28, 2003
Car manufactured by Nissan. Popular because of its good weight balance, relatively low curb weight, and RWD transmission. So named because it is powered by a 2.4-litre engine.
I totalled my 240sx last night; that sucks, I loved that car.
by Tyler Hauck January 22, 2004
GTR is Japan's car. Full name is Nissan Skyline GTR. The GTR is the sperial sport version of Skyline.
Nissan Skyline R34 GTR
by JNN February 23, 2005
The Tenth Generation Nissan Skyline. The GT-R is the most popular version of the R34.
It's a car....
by eXedy05 October 16, 2003
A Silvia is a clever person. She's known to be very attractive, generous and friendly. Her beauty is only surpassed by her gentle and radiant character.
You should feel priviliged to have a Silvia in your presence.
Silvia, you're just grrrrreat!
by Joeri VM December 27, 2007
A Nissan Engine used in japan in the 180SX, Silvia (S13,S14 and S15 models) Also in the Pulsar GTi-R, aveneir and Blue Bird. it stands for..

SR (series model) 2.0 (liter) (D)ual over head cam, (E)lectronic fuel injected, (T)urbo.

This engine is sometimes referd to as a Redtop or Blacktop due to its valve cover color in diffrent years. You can tell a newer S14 or S15 model Sr20det by its slant in the valve cover and black color.

This 4 cylinder engine is capable of 400 horsepower with stock internals.
I have a SR20DET in my 240Z
by j-Gates May 26, 2004
A renn faire group painted in black and white stripes who resort to penis jokes and drinking before, during and after faire. Known to steal the vikings booze and the dutch wooden shoes.
One of the wilds just shat in my clog.
by I am the Walrus December 18, 2005
Nissan's 4 cylinder, 1.8 litre, DOHC, EFI, Turbo engine used in cars such as pulsars and Silvias. These motors are best paired to automatic gearboxes as it is the only way you can take advantage of the mad shift points they have.
"Well I decided to convert the S13 to manual"
"Keep it auto man. CA18DET autos are heaps quick and have wicked shift points.
by BoostCruiser July 10, 2008