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the biggest compliment someone can be given. Few ppl are truly niss, however when someone is, everyone around them knows it and knows that he/she is the don. They must acknowledge his nissness.

Also used to describe things that are unordinarily great.

nissify nissification nissipline
Be niss or be gone!

- ey did u cop the green?
- yea..
- how does it look?
- fucking niss son
by griff August 13, 2006
It's my acronym for Quantum of Solace. The movie that I saw two times in theaters, and bought the Blu-ray that had the new crappy new Eco-Friendly case from Fox/MGM. Also there is a wonderful soundtrack by David Arnold and game from Activision of QoS which I own and love too.
Wow, I wish Fox and MGM would get rid of the new eco friendly Blu-ray cases that are used for QoS. They just seem too cheap for an item I already paid premium for unlike most corrupt punk ass teens that download the QoS movie online.
by P@+ Sims May 10, 2009
to cast an aura of nissness on a particular person. If u know your boy has a tough situation on his hands..u can nissify him in the hopes that he will succeed and be niss in his task.
Dawg, before Dirty goes to talk to that girl i better nissify him...he hasnt taken a shower in weeks this is our only hope

- I heard everytime Stern goes to kick an extra point this season coach Mac is gonna try to nissify him so he wont miss it
by griff August 13, 2006
the order of ppl who are niss, ranging in the nissest at #1 to the 'least niss' at the end. Whoever is at the end should not be upset tho, they are still niss
Nissification of rappers

1. lil wayne
2. camron
3. juelz

papoose and young dro are pending on the nissification list once they put out more CD's

by griff August 13, 2006
a mix of the words discpline and niss. The longer process of nissifying one. Nissipline is something that can take a while but the end result is...quite niss
dude the only way im gonna keep hanging around you and ya boy is if u nissipline him..hes too much of a lunchbox
by griff August 13, 2006
Used as a filler during a pause in conversation. Doesn't necessarily mean something complimentary.
"I bought that new Fanta today."
by Bec December 13, 2003
A term for mariujana of any sort.
"Let's smoke some pot."
by Bowman June 16, 2002
Short guy with really tall girlfriend.
Sarah: hey there's Catriona's other half
Jane: you mean her other quarter
by namekuji May 30, 2010
God's gift to the world. Brings peace when used wisely.
Pass the blunt, dude.
by AYB March 25, 2003
1) Short for the drug, Cocaine.
2) Short for the beverage, Coca Cola.
1) Pass the coke, bitch.
2) Pass the coke, bitch.
by Adeadlyliquid November 13, 2004