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is the word that is used to debase people who make it their job to torture and finally, kill people with their illogical attempts to make people laugh.

Often used along with the suffixes mama, apa, jhaat etc.

It is also often used as a warcry to vent your good or bad feelings.
The name is Mama... Crund Mama!!!
by crund mama October 16, 2007
The absolute, undisputed best
No one's skills are better than mine. I'm the Dalai Lama
by Dr Vegas February 15, 2005
Something women and especialy teenage girls thrive on. consisting of any number of situations that have an easy solution, wich would bring a fairly good outcome, but these girls choose another, shitty, bad way to deal with it, again consisting of backstabbing, blackmailing/gossiping/betraying their friends, or the all-too-common "I want to break up with him but i still love him!"
it drives men and what i like to call "normal" girls nuts.
watch any show on that crap channel "the N" for a good example, or just talk to my sister. the drama that retard stirs up is unblievable.
by Jim October 01, 2005
pajamas, or PJs for short, these are the clothes you wear to bed. They are often flannel and really comfy. Some silly girls wear them during the day because they think it's cool. Pajamas are generally fun to wear.
Put your pajamas on and come outside and look at the stars with me
by where am i? April 21, 2005
1:A performance in which a man puts his scrotum upon one's face then begins to hump quickly with force while yelling the words "Vasco da Gama."

2:Sexual abuse technique group(includes the infamous Hernando Cortez). Name originates from first use of the orignal technique, which was the first complete thought which came to the administer's head.1
Nathan was laying quietly on the couch when suddenly his peace was interruped by Matt's Vasco da Gama which left him scarred mentally.
by Warren April 12, 2004

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