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Ignore the obviously Punahou-biased definition of Iolani that was previously given. They don't have enough class to present unbiased and objective information.

Iolani is one of the top college prepatory schools on the island of Oahu. Punahou is another one of the top schools. but this isn't the place to talk about comparing the two or even discussing the other school, if you want, go to punahou to see their definition.

Iolani has a reputation for having very smart students. some are exceptions...but most are decently intelligent and dilligent students.

The classes are hard but there are a lot of teachers that really want the students to do well.
the downside is that the tuition is expensive and they're stingy as hell with financial aid.
Students from Iolani are talented in a variety of fields, not just academics and sports. There are artists, dancers, actors, and skilled musicians and singers as well.
(this really happens in real life) "oh, you're from Iolani? you must be smart, yeah?"

College is pretty easy because Iolani's AP courses prepared me well.

Several prominent individuals have attended Iolani: former mayor Mufi Hannemann, Chinese political leader Sun Yat Sen, athletes like Dave Shoji and Derrick Low, and even a famous Japanese pop singer Angela Aki.
by strawberrydolphin May 17, 2011
Hawaii's a pretty cool place, if you like Asians and Quicksilver. It's funny, though, because basically everyone here is Japanese. Or at least part Japanese. Everyone is about 195701976 ethnicities, so there isn't much racial discrimination. Except against haoles. Which means white person. We're kind of backwards like that. In Hawaii, you gotta speak pidgen English.
Guy 1: Ho braddah cuz, you when see dat wahine wid da nice kine booty?
Guy 2: What?
Guy 1: What, brah, you no like dat kine? What wrong wit you, cuz? You mahu? Ho, braddah Kamu, dis boy rite here stay mahu!
Guy 2: ...Get away from me.
by PistolVirgin June 04, 2005
Something Americans use to describe everything.
Oh wow it's just awesome
by Every Strangers Eyes June 20, 2006
A beautiful metropolis located in center of the Hawaiian Islands. Located on the Island of Oahu, Honolulu is the Capitol of Hawaii. Tall skyscrapers, beautiful beaches, tourism, and much more. One of the best cities in the USA!
Honolulu is one of the best cities ever in the U.S.
by Woobie May 31, 2005
The World War I of Academics and the students are the French
Private school in Honolulu, HI
founded in 1863
Azn Nation with a sprinkle of white suga
Iolani School is a great school . . . if you like to suffer from homework and stress overload.
by french soldier July 13, 2009
The action of sneaking up behind somebody and double scooping their nips from over their shoulders.
Dude, I snuck up on Shitron last week and totally mantised him. It was fantastic.
by Shitron January 06, 2011
A word used in place of a swear word. Often used when you don't know one.
You beepin' beep!
by Zach G. November 08, 2003
the sound an old dial up computers makes, also often used to describe a geek/nerd.
Damian is such a beep-boop
by *reivax* November 28, 2010
The mystery of the boop shall never be revealed. But when saying "Boop" you must poke a random person on the nose.
Meh: Boop! *pokes your nose*
by Pingu April 11, 2004