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European Latin language spoken officially for about 200 millions people in eight countries worldwide, mainly in South America, Africa and Europe. It's also unofficially spoken in parts of India, Southern Asia and Africa.

Although Portuguese and Spanish are different languages, they have the same root in ancient Latin and therefore are mutually intelligible.
john Kerry's wife, Teresa, and popstar Nelly Furtado speak Portuguese fluently.

After independence, East Timor decided that Portuguese, along with Tetum, would be its official languages.
by Dino March 11, 2005
A georgous and highly multicultural country full of life, culture, and spirit. Spain is a series of many different climates and terrains, and inevitably different cultures (castellan, gallegan, etc). Home to the most beautiful women in the world!
Because Spain is extremely georgous, you should go there one of these days.
by william joseph hemmington December 21, 2004
A person that comes from the great country of Portugal. (Azorians count too.)
I'm from Portugal which makes me Portugese.
by Killa-JC August 03, 2007
The world's most popular sport
by Anonymous September 27, 2003
The largest country of South America and one of the most beautiful of the world. Also known in the world for its peaceful and kind people. The famous Rain Forest is placed in the north of the country, and is rich in mineral water, minerals (gold, quartz, bauxite, etc...) and the most important: bio-diversity. For this reason it needs to be protected and not explored by foreign people with the excuse to protect the nature.
Brazil, coutry of Pelé, Samba, Bossa-Nova and Beaty.
The greatest and most popular sport in history with more than 5 times the TV audience of the next most popular (cricket - every radio and TV in the sub-continent is permanently tuned to Pakistan/India cricket matches - that's a big audience).

Only Americans call it 'soccer' owing to their vast ignorance of what goes on outside their national boundaries and the misnomer which has them thinking than a corruption of rugby, with all the danger and most of the skill removed can also be called 'football'.

'The Beautiful Game' can be played anywhere, on almost any surface, by any number of players, for almost any length of time. And is. There is no country on earth that doesn't play. It has inspired more passion, more courage and more excitement than any other sport in history and dwarfs everything else.
Football is, without question, the defining sporting activity of the human race.
by sicinius October 15, 2007
Europe - The world's greatest masterminds and the world's biggest criminals happen to born there.
Europe is also the home of the most ancients and finest civilizations. Democracy was invented there almost 2000 years before white settlers set their feets on american ground.

Citizens of the EU are thinking of their union as an economical and political superpower. Indeed, they could be a superpower, if they would start to agree with each other. But History has shown, that something like that will never happen: the last 60 years were the _longest_ period of freedom ever on the european continent.
They try to solve problems with diplomacy even when someone's shooting at them.
Why are you hitting me? I don't like violence! Let's have some vine and talk about your problems...
by justme February 16, 2005
A beautiful country with beautiful people and a beutiful culture. Hey Mccoy, if Italy had stayed with the Axis, you would be critizing them for being Nazis. Instead they overthrew Mussolini, and you criticize Italians as being "cowards" who didn't want to face the Allies. There's just no winning, is there? I saw Mccoy's comments on Ireland and America. First of all, I gotta say I love Ireland. But come on! Ireland's major role in WWII was getting bitch-slapped by the British because the people of Ireland were supporting the Axis. (Ireland basically figured that anyone who was against their oppressors, the British, was their friend. Of course, Ireland didn't know about the holocaust and all that at the time, but still.)So don't go talkin about Italy's history in WWII if you're not goin to comment on Ireland's. I love the Irish, but I just trying to point out that every people and every culture has something it's ashamed of, so it's plain dick to go around thinkin you're fucking perfect.
McCoy, in your comment about America you sounded like a stuck-up piece of Eurotrash who thinks he's better than "dirty Americans." In your comment about Italy, you just sound like an asshole, man.
by Bitch-slappin' mofos since 1989 October 19, 2005
the way non-portuguese spell lisboa...
The city is named lisboa, not lisbon... even the damn tourism misspells it, probably becuase its "hard" to pronounce.
Its not... dont disrespect my country and say lisbon
Wop: hey man, im going to lisbon for holidays!
Porkchop: Shut up fez, ull get ur ass kicked if u call it that in portugal
by The_Dark_Side June 27, 2005
2nd biggest city in Portugal. One of the coolest ancient urban areas in europe with the the only hard working people in an otherwise lazy country. People talk fast and mix up their b's and v's. They are generally real nice but like New Yorkers they can get pissed if you start doing stupid shit. So don't do stupid shit. Don't drive unless you want to reduce your life span by 10 years.
Brits usually mispell it Oporto
by Divad Pork and Cheese American October 18, 2006