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Thesaurus for portfolio investment

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Capital (in economics) refers to either equipment used to produce goods (tools, factory buildings, infrastructure) or money that is currently used to pay for business ventures. Capital accounts refers to the balance of investment that a country receives from, or supplies to, other countries over the course of a business period. So, for example, in the course of a year the people in country A may buy $1.5 million in shares and bonds from overseas, and sell $900,000 of the same (for net capital exports of $600K); meanwhile, foreigners might buy $1.2 million in shares, etc., while selling $800K of the same (capital imports of $400K). The country therefore exports $600K, imports $400K, and runs a net capital account balance of -$200K.

Over the short run, a capital account surplus can offset a current account deficit.
For the last 30 years the USA has run a surplus in its capital accounts, partly offsetting a gigantic deficit in current accounts.
by abu yahya August 03, 2008
1) some action
2) taking a piss
3) art of screwing people for profit
4) selling air, such as trading in stock market
5) pointless meaningless life-consuming spirit-draining activity
1) let's go do some business
2) i'm going to do some business behind that bush
3) these corporations merged and small-time enterprisers went out of business.
4) Jackie won 4 millions by selling stock just before it crashed while a few unlucky lost their life-time savings by buying it. That's business, kid. (see also gambling)
5) I'm a corporate dumbass. I work my ass off 16 hours a day, I have a luxury car, deluxe mansion, posh furniture but i have no time to enjoy my life.
by SDI January 20, 2005
The allocation of scarce resources that have alternative uses.
Everyone should have a basic understanding of economics to be an educated citizen
by Thomas Sowell July 06, 2005
foreign direct investment; includes direct capital investment in companies that have not yet issued stock. As opposed to portfolio investment (purchases of traded securities in a firm). Both FDI and portfolio investment refer to capital transfers from country to country.
A major component of any country's capital accounts is FDI.
by abu yahya August 03, 2008
an applied field of economics used to evaluate relative opportunity cost for speculation by mathematical manipulation of currency figures
Scott, did you double check your calculations of finance? That estimation seems far too high!
by Funkwillyp May 02, 2009
A girl who is ignored despite having underated hotness due to temporary problems such as being overweight, having braces, having acne, etc.
While others ignore her you flirt with her slightly off and on until the day comes when she becomes the hottie you expected her to be.
Greg: dude that girl got hot this summer.
Jon: yea my investment finally paid off.
by Guru Master July 02, 2006
the amount of goods and services that a country imports, minus the goods and services that it exports *in a calendar year*. In 1999 Japan exported much more than it imported, so it had a trade surplus. The same year, the United States imported more than it exported, and therefore had a large trade deficit.

While Japan had a trade surplus and the USA had a trade deficit, both had something called a trade balance, which was negative for the USA and positive for Japan.
During economic downturns, political leaders become very concerned if their country is running a trade deficit, because it means that jobs are being lost to business overseas.
by Abu Yahya February 14, 2009
essential to success; see key
Joe: I brought 4 cases of beer.
Nick: Capital.
by John March 08, 2004
(ECONOMICS) the annual increase in financial claims owed to the people of particular country, MINUS any increase of claims that same people owe abroad. The net annual increase in assets resulting from commerce with the rest of the world.

There are three components of current accounts:
(1) trade balance (surplus or deficit)
(2) foreign factor income (income minus outgo)
(3) net foreign aid

Usually the largest component of a current account surplus is the trade surplus, although in 1990 the USA actually had a quarterly current account surplus caused by massive "foreign aid" (actually, payments to defray the cost of waging the first Gulf War.
The South Korean won was lower late Tuesday as investor appetite for risk{y} assets was damped by broad-based losses in regional stock markets, led by a sharp fall in Chinese shares.

The local currency largely brushed off news that the country's current account surplus rose in May to a six-month high of $3.83 billion.

Traders said any positive impact from the current account data was offset by data showing the capital account balance... posted a net outflow of $11.96 billion in May, compared with a $8.56 billion inflow in April.
by Abu Yahya June 29, 2010