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Thesaurus for pornidio

Synonyms, antonyms, and related words for pornidio

Whore, Prostitute, Call-girl, Hooker, and in some cases just plain ol slut.
Where can we find some poutanas buddy?
by Gerasimos May 24, 2005
Greek word for women who are very keen-experienced on grabbing dicks, doing blowjobs and fucking
I know Anna. Yes she is a big psolarpaxtra. She has taken millions of men. Good blow job i 've heard

by panossak February 26, 2009
Greek word defining a slut.
Auth einai megalh tsoula. (Means: She is a great slut.)
by Yannis S. December 26, 2006
The woman who has had sex AT LEAST 1000 times.
Maria is xiliogamimeni. I don't know a single man in the neighborhood who hasn't fucked her.
by flo03 October 01, 2014