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Thesaurus for pizzo

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As a rule of thumb, it is profoundly unwise to take crack-cocaine. The brain has evolved a truly vicious set of negative feedback mechanisms. Their functional effect is to stop us from being truly happy for long. Nature is cruelly parsimonious with pleasure. The initial short-lived euphoria of a reinforcer as powerful as crack will be followed by a "crash". This involves anxiety, depression, irritability, extreme fatigue and possibly paranoia. Physical health may deteriorate. An intense craving for more cocaine develops. In heavy users, stereotyped compulsive and repetitive patterns of behaviour may occur. So may tactile hallucinations of insects crawling underneath the skin ("formication"). Severe depressive conditions may follow; agitated delirium; and also a syndrome sometimes known as toxic paranoid psychosis. The neural aftereffects of chronic cocaine use include changes in monoamine metabolites and uptake transporters. There is down-regulation of dopamine D2 receptors to compensate for their drug-induced overstimulation. Thus the brain's capacity to experience pleasure is diminished.
He was a normal guy until he started smoking crack, now he is a hustler that sucks dick for $5 to buy another rock.
by reptiles October 04, 2002
Derogatory term for a woman. Considered by many to be the most offensive word in the English language.
My ex-girlfriend is a fucking cunt.
by Captain Fantastic February 15, 2003
An abbreviation for methamphetamine, a drug that stimulates the central nervous system by causing it to release more dopamine, a neurotransmitter that gives someone a feeling of satisfaction.
Meth is a dangerous drug and should not be used by anyone.
by Lucifer July 11, 2003
A Redneck population control device
by Anonymous August 17, 2003
slang term for vagina.
i fucked that bitch in the purple people penis eater!
by Cassidyyyyyyyy August 10, 2008
the part of a marijuana (weed, pot, ganja, etc.) pipe in which the marijuana is placed (packed) to be smoked. it may have a little hole (carb) on the side of it, which you cover while you are inhaling the marijuana smoke while holding the whole pipe and smoking.
"i wanna smoke a bowl right now soo bad!"
(british accent)"oh! you guys are smokin a bowl! they're goin to go smoke a bowl! may we smoke with you?"
by bunny&sasha December 20, 2003
A cuter name for a Vagina.
My brother needs to find some cute Cooter Muffin to take home tonight. So I am going to help him scope out some chicks that are not dirty.
by SassyJax01 May 31, 2011
1. A derogatory term referring to a person who is rude, pretentious, annoying or of low intelligence. Considered to be similar to, but more insulting than calling someone a dick. One whom is worse than a dick, and is therefore a whole bushel basket of cock, or an ornamental ribboned care package of penis that is decorated with baby's breath and glitter.

2. A situation that is considered to be adverse, difficult or unlucky.
1. That guy is a real dick basket.

2 a. I got fired today. Man, this is a dick basket if I have ever seen one.
2 b.Dude, I wouldn't do that. You might be opening up a dick basket with that one.
by Brian Callaghan October 12, 2007