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a word that our world needs to live in.


spread the love.
Bob: Alright i'm out, peace
Ash: Kay paz
Priest: Paz be with you
People: And also with you
Usher: Paz out, A-town
by Ashicle March 30, 2008
79 21
Short for apparently
Penny: Whats wrong with Jack?
Rachel: Well apazz Georgie dumped him..
by gracelynn April 07, 2009
6 1
what la la la love makes you wish you could do.
''its all my fault,i wish i could just disappear''
by no January 25, 2004
19 37
to get involved, amongst it, to go on the pull, to flange.
I wanna feature with that rat.
Big Feature.
I cant wait to feature.
by Carlos Santini January 23, 2005
29 21
A sexual deviant who likes to give little girls "pink socks".
Man, our gym teacher is such a Paaz.
by Taterbates May 27, 2010
8 0
Two lines that'll never intersect
Parallel line:

by ArmoForEVA February 22, 2005
51 18
absolutely smashed or as young teen boys see it being slightly pissed off a few cans of bourban
oooh man i was PAZZED last night
by oh yeh July 02, 2004
8 6
Pazzing Out is half spazzing out and half passing out, hence the term 'Pazzing'. It is when your simply in your own little world yet you are disorientated and don't know whats going on.
Ian : FML i've not done Mr. Barnaby's Latin homework!
Ed : Yeah me neither!
Ian : I'm pazzing out so bad right now!
Ed : Touche...
by W0LBA November 08, 2011
16 5