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the most common korean last name
hesoo park
by bakseoo September 09, 2003
To engage in sexual acts in a parked car.
Brad was too cheap to spring for a hotel, so we went parking at Lover's Lane.
by Mystie March 27, 2005
To fuck and cuddle simultaneously or in the same session.
My girlfriend and I just had a little fuckle for Valentine's Day.
by Andy Bader February 06, 2003
to achieve success with a woman/man friend

"in" refers to getting into her/his pants to perform the sexual arts
Shes fine,i gotta get my in's

dayam, i wanna get in there
by Alfalfa May 04, 2004
the word sex ed teachers call getting laid
by splurb June 05, 2003
The correct acronym for a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints. Also see Mormon.
The LDS church headquarters are in Salt Lake City.
by Zacrey Monte Hansen March 19, 2005
Times of hardship; rough circumstances.
I am truely sorry for your lots.
by BrianLowther August 27, 2009
97% of the people in Utah.

.003% of the people anywhere else.

These really really nice, clean-living people who believe some pretty weird stuff.
"Well I usually try to be good, but I'm no Mormon"
by Bex October 11, 2003
1)When a vehicle (most commonly a car) is at a complete stop and has been set in the parked setting.

2)When someone gets fondled or molested; usually a male being molested by an older male. This term is most commonly used in schools or churches to describe what a queer acting gym teacher/priest would do to a young boy.
1)Sam-"Your cars gonna get stolen again."
Lacee-"No it wont, I parked out back. You negative Bitch!"

2)Zain-"Mr.Yunohu has been hugging Bob a lil too tizight
after gym class."
Fred-"Yeah. He's totally gonna get parked someday."
by hoompa October 15, 2005
When you find a nice romantic spot for you and your shorty, and proceed to convice her to get in the back seat so that you can be "more comfortable" and then next thing you're rippin off her skirt and doin the nasty.

The country boy's way of getting into a city girl's pants.

What high school students do to "make out" or "get some" without having to do it at home.

Not to be confused with "parking" which is the act of stopping your automobile and putting it into park.
Yo dawg. We went parkin last night and GOT IT ON!

Yeah, last night after the bar, me and Katie went down Ole Orchard Road parkin...Then we sat on our tailgate and drank some more Stag.

Like oh my me and Andy went parkin last night after the football game and he told me he LOVED me! So I totally melted and we totally like made out...
by CristinaD June 24, 2004

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