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Thesaurus for outta here

Synonyms, antonyms, and related words for outta here

Another word for high; (where your brain is after smoking marijuana)
That dude was so high, he couldn't even stand up... He was gone
by M-easy July 05, 2003
477 110
To wack off in the handicap stall of a school while taking a dump, and this requires a iphone, iphone3gs or an itouch( first or second generation)
samuel: hey mike what r u doing in there?!(the stall door opens)
Mike: ahh! Wtf get out of here
Samuel: were u....wacking off?
Mike: shut up I was only bolting
by goochiemancan January 07, 2010
173 119
A fantastic single from Michael Jackson's album Thriller. Michael Jackson's dancing, in the music video, breks up a knife fight. Score!
Beat It features a guitar solo by Eddie Van Halen.
by Bjorn Turok November 19, 2007
693 171
A song by Jo Jo that Lauren and Travis strangely like.
Travis: Get out.
Travis: Right now.
Travis: This is the end of you and me!
Lauren: Oh yeah?
Lauren: Bring.
Lauren: It.
Lauren: On.
by Master Travisio March 27, 2005
30 89
To go out of, or away from. Such as leaving the house; to go elsewhere.
I should be leaving any moment now.
by Dreams1657 June 19, 2008
19 9
To leave in a hurry; also used as an imperative command meaning 'go away'.
1) We had to scram when the cops showed up.

2) Why are you trespassing on my property? SCRAM!!!
by VAKI5 May 11, 2005
201 56