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Also known as C-Town by natives, Cleveland is a famous city in the northern area of Ohio that may be even more popular then the capital of Ohio, Columbus. It borders Lake Erie and is known for extreme, ever-changing weather. It is also known for being the poorest city in the United States, very culturally diverse, and the origin of many rap/hip hop artists. There is a lot of cultural pride here, occasionally racism (Mostly the ever-ignorant Black vs. White. Both sides are guilty - Police specificly target blacks, and then there is a day called May Day where white people cannot attend school unless they want their ass kicked.) There are many gangs in Cleveland that mostly deal drugs and fight other gangs. Drugs and illegal substances are quite common here. The sports teams of Cleveland are the Indians (Baseball, was good in the 90s, offends Native Americans everywhere and has a big fluffy purple mascot named Slider,) Cavaliers (Basketball, now made famous by LeBron James and Usher,) Browns (Football, now returned and worse than ever,) Barons(Hockey, replaced the Lumber Jacks,) and Force (Soccer.)

If you go to Cleveland, you have to go to the Jake (Jacob's Field), the Q (used to be Gund Arena,) Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and the Hard Rock at least once. There's also something called the Warehouse District, West Side Market, Tower City, and other stuff if you're feeling adventurous.

Sorry if this sucked, I just thought Cleveland needed a detailed definition.
"We're here with C-Town's finest."

"LeBron James lived Akron before the Cleveland Cavaliers snatched him up."

"What it do, C-Town?"

"If you are a woman in Cleveland, bring pepper spray, because many get raped here. Other then that it's pretty nice."
by hmm!? June 22, 2006
A beautiful metropolis on a river valley in the center of Ohio. Its becoming a major technilogical, cultural, and educational center for the nation. Awesome skyline, nightlife, and overall place to live.
That Columbus is one awesome place to see.....
by Ryan December 09, 2003
For God's Sakes, why can't ANYONE say anything POSITIVE about the Queen City? Lighten up! Cincinnati is not that bad you know. Sure maybe it does have its gangs and inner-city problems, and so-called "Right-Wing Activists", but so what? Regardless of what anybody says on this site, there are things to do in Cincinnati, the Reds are a popular team, chili is NOT the only food available in the city, and many major companies are based in this great town. So if you think that all the crime and gangs completely ruins Cincinnati, then obviously you haven't been paying attention to other major metropolitan cities: Detroit, MI; Gary, IN; Newark, NJ; Compton, CA; all prime examples. I love Cincinnati, so lay off the poor town.
Cincinnati has long been the Ruler of the Ohio River Valley. It is a place to call home.
by Ryan Jones May 06, 2004
A place that should be avoided at all costs. If you are here, move out. The job market is very poor. It is nearly impossible to advance your career, or get a job that is not minimum wage or less than $25K per year. The people here are very shallow. You cannot carry on a conversation with anyone if it does not involve drinking, sports, or which beer joint you will be hanging out in tonight. The downtown is a lifeless concrete nightmare, full of vacant buildings and run down homes. There is 5/3 Field, which is about the only good thing there. The general lack of unique things to see and do here without the "been there done that" feeling is appalling. The weather is cold, dreery, rainy, cloudy, and oppressively humid in the summer. Perpetual road construction. I-280 is in year 36 of construction.
(1)Toledo is the armpit of Ohio.

by Hoyt from the Ledge November 29, 2006
1. The state where you can have 70 degrees and sun one day and a snowstorm the next.

2. A state where you can't keep a job because everything's either downsizing or moving to mexico.
Michigan... I'm unemployed and cold... wheeeee!!
by ILoveThom'sChickenDance January 27, 2004
zzzzzzzzzzz. Like sleeping but with eyes open. When your tired and everything's quiet and not fun.
expls; School,chatrooms,internet,books etc.......
by outlast October 17, 2003
Also known as AK-ROWDY.

As a pillar of knowledge, ethnic traditions, staggering zembekikos, and extreme athleticism (e.g. basketball), fittingly enough, it's a place many Greeks call home. It is said and believed to own Camp Nazareth, Canonsburg, Canton, Cleveland, and Columbus. "A.O.C." or Akron owns <<any of the previously named cities>> is an appropriate acronym when regarding the dominance in basketball of the two groups, or really just commenting on the "sweetness" of said cities. (It should be noted that "Akron Owns ___" pertains but is not limited to the "C" cities. For simplicity's sake, A.O.C. is only used for the "C" cities, but Akron still owns Pittsburgh, Reading, Bethlehem, Lancaster, etc.)

*** It should also be noted that Akron owns GOYA, and that Akron is no joke.

Key Phrase: Ak-town, the mack-town, we don't back down.

After watch the boys from AKRON tear it up on the basketball court, and the dance floor, every single girl fell completely and irrevocably in love with them.
by Akron Pimp March 13, 2009
A place to live, usually with corrupt mayors and lots of pollution. The real world is only in the city, not on Ole McD's Farm.
I live in a city and i pay high taxes and have lung cancer from car fumes.
by LordNword August 27, 2003
A magical place where it is rumored that learning takes place, although to those who enter it is often described differently afterward, as a beatiful land in which beer flows in amber currents next to a golden pasture, where virgins lie naked with gentle smiles upon their calm, inviting faces; but more precisely, a Shangri-La rite of passage into adulthood which involves rampant consumption of alcoholic beverages, flagrant and promiscuous sexual behavior, and a general and fundamental disregard for any form of responsibility by its habitants.
Thank you sir, may I have another?
by Phlagellum September 23, 2003
Established in 1870, The Ohio State University system consists of a main (Columbus) campus and several regional campuses located elsewhere in the state. The main campus is a comprehensive research institution, with colleges of agriculture, dentistry, law, medicine, and veterinary medicine. Research facilities include a transportation research center, a freshwater laboratory, a supercomputer center, and a polar research center.

Notable landmarks at Ohio State include "The Oval"; a giant, "O" shaped field in the center of campus known for being a popular hangout destination during the warmer months, Mirror Lake, a small pond located in central campus which is most famous for the annual "Mirror Lake Jump" which occurs every year on the Thursday before the Ohio State-Michigan Game which is done to resurrect the spirit of former head coach Woody Hayes; and the Oxley Memorial Library, which stands vigil on the west peak of The Oval.

Ohio State University's mascot is the Buckeye, which, unlike many universities, shares its mascot with no other university in the nation.

And, of course, like Woody Hayes put it, "Muck Fichigan".
"This year's Ohio State-Michigan game is going to be nuts."
by Picklesnshakes February 12, 2009

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