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one of the best sports ever made.
Paintball rules all .
by peter.pan. June 16, 2003
1. PlayStation Portable: Sony's Handheld PlayStatio-*battery dies*
Hey, wanna play PSP? *disc read error* *UMD flies out*
by hi December 28, 2004
A format of paintball played on a field covered with around 50 inflatalbe bunkers one being a gian X in the middle of the field. The field is flat covered, with grass and is 125ft by 150ft. The game is played with 5 players on the field at a time and guns can use ramp capped at 10 BPS for most divisions. Legue rules seem to change on a yearly basis and vary from division to division.
Hey guys lets play an Xball tournament.
by Killasteve08 February 06, 2009
A paintball term believed to be started by the team/group Hostile Kids (starters of HK army). Refers to being cool, in an unexplainable agg way. Agg isnt cool agg is agg. It is cooler than cool. They way you play can boost your agg status aswell. ex. your stance, composure and the way you shoot.
bandanas are agg. so are sandanas. camo accesories. more information about agg and being agg and the HK army.
by Pat Carroll February 28, 2005
Common name for the gun used in paintball. High pressure carbon dioxide canister propells a ball of paint at opponents.
I just bought an awesome new marker for paintball next week.
by danny8522003 June 25, 2006
The combination of the narcotic heroin and stimulant cocaine mixed together and injected together in a single shot. When administered IV, the speedball produces the best rush/high in the world of drugs and is the most deadly of procedures as far as getting loaded. Highly addictive. Beyond destructive. Will bring any addict to their knees. It will call you and lure you, lie to you and kill you. Like alcohol and pills as well. This is the worst though. That is why it is the best.
"Man, my habit and tollerance were getting out of control. I was shooting about eight to ten speedballs a day just to stay high and not get sick."
by Martin Throttle June 29, 2006
A word used to describe jerking off, instead of going out on the weekends.
Kevin: "Hey are you going to Jeffs party this weekend"
Josh: "nah i have a tournament."
Kevin: "oh"
by Urban Dictionary April 04, 2008
Carolina Field Owners Association
Field owners that host paintball tournaments every month in North and South Carolina and Georgia
Last weekend I played in the CFOA Homecoming
where the biggest prize package in CFOA history was gave
by Koty October 17, 2006
The breakfast of champions
The pros warned the competition how much they liked the flavor of nubcake xp
by ScegfOd January 11, 2008
Dave Youngblood Enterprises, a paintball company. Famous for making the DM series of markers, and high quality (but painfully expensive) clothing.
I went out and bought a Dye C6 jersey, so I can't afford food for the rest of the month.
by Weens July 18, 2006

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