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A city with lots of rich people in the north end, and lots of ghetto types in the south end. Also lots of traffic, new economy jobs, and Coca-cola.
Hey, wanna goto Atl for some work? Sure!
Hey, I went south of the train tracks and got a bullet in the ass!
by Adam the magnificant April 29, 2004
the coolest chick you could ever meet. Beautiful, brilliant, peaceful, down to earth, and wicked sweet. also the greatest and most loyal friend you could ever have. People are totally jealous of her awesomeness and her kick-ass personality. Many people wish they were as fly as this girl but they never will be. you may feel threatened or intimidated by charity... you should. she could take you out in a heartbeat.
person 1 : whoa check out that chick. she's almost as cool as charity.
person 2: pshh no one's as cool as charity
by alskdjfhg May 06, 2008
Indie Bands With a Mission, also known as IBWAM, is a volunteer group/informal, non-profit organization. Our goal is to write cookbooks that feature a few local/unknown bands and the band members' favorite recipes.

The profits from each cookbook will go towards whatever charity the bands featured in the cookbook want to help. A few food banks in the Washington, DC area will benefit from the profits as well.

The first cookbook is Wonder Treats That Bands Fantasize About.
Girl 1: Did you hear about Indie Bands With a Mission?

Girl 2: No, who are they?

Girl 1: This great volunteer group! Matthew Fazzi & Isaac Bolivar of Taking Back Sunday/Happy Body Slow Brain, Find Vienna, AND Corrin Campbell joined. We should help them out. They give back to society!

Girl 2: COOL. Where can I check them out?

Girl 1: Everywhere! Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Tumblr!
by five yellow & white balloons December 09, 2009
To perform or offer to perform a service of one's own free will. This action can be with or without compensation.
I will volunteer to help fascilitate a presentation at my favorite conference for the benefit of reduced registration costs.
by Matt Buckman September 13, 2007
Politically Correct Definition: Ageism is defined as being the discrimination against a person or group of people based solely on age.

Real Definition: A moronic belief system held by mentally-retarded fuckshits who actually believe that age is an accomplishment and that anyone who is young is inferior to "adults".

Fond of using the excuse: "you're under 25, your brain isn't developed yet" to win virtually all arguments against otherwise perfectly rational people who just so happen to be in their late teens and early twenties.

These type of people also often believe that their generation is superior to the current one, and that young people are to blame for all of the world's problems. Furthermore, these people think that they are always correct in all situations, due to the fact that they have "so much more life experience" and a "fully developed pre-frontal cortex" according to various bullshit pseudo-scientific articles.

Equally as annoying is ageism against elderly people, which mainly occurs in the workplace. In many countries people over a certain age are expected to be "too frail and senile" to work, even when the applicants are just as qualified as everyone else.
40 year old airhead: "Hey punkass, you on your way to get high and have anal sex with 7 virgins?"

18 year old: "No... I'm going to a job interview"

40 year old airhead: "Job interview!? At 18? Little children can't have jobs! Your developing brain isn't mature enough to handle the responsibility!"

18 year old: "Dude, that's ageism. I can work just fine. Where in the world did you hear that my brain is "still developing?""

40 year old airhead: "I read it on a news article! Cause I'm an informed adult!"

18 year old: "Who did the research for the article?"

40 year old airhead: "MADD! They've been a reliable organization for decades! What they say must be true!"

18 year old: "Ah, MADD huh? So that's why you're such an uninformed prick."
by Manwithnomission August 03, 2012
Thinking you're going to get great job experience between your BA and Masters by joining AmeriCorps, but finding out you've been used for mindless data entry by non-profits (due to cheapness of hiring ameriCorps members)...leading to a slow painful death of boredom and misery. Or zombie-like appearance due to the death of idealism.

Noun: AmeriCorpse
Verb: AmeriCorpsed
Man, I thought I'd get experience with grant-writing but I've been doing menial data-entry!

Dude, you just got AmeriCorpsed!


You're an AmeriCorpse. Dead to them. You're lower than "intern."

Oh my god you're right.
by insomattack January 26, 2010
A group of people who come together to play music. Often comes in two forms in popular usage:

1. A high school band. These tend to be tight-knit groups of kids who all either love or hate what they do. Their shows tend to show great musical skill and/or choreography.

2. A rock band. These tend to be tight-knit groups of people who all either love their music or the money they earn from it. Their shows are either dull or explosive.
The band is playing at 4:30 at the football game, and then Bill is playing with his band at 8:00 after the game.
by Domukaz May 26, 2005
when little babies go limp when they don't want to be picked up. physical resistance through passive action.
"Lil John John was with me at the park yesterday and when I picked him up from the playground to leave he wouldn't come--he kept doing civil rights!"
by live December 03, 2006
a defined time or restriction.
not allowed at a certain time.
"I'm not allowed, I have to be home by 10"

is like saying

"I'm not allowed, my curfew is 10."
by conor neufeild May 22, 2006