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Audiovisual crack. Need more WHMs.
by enjuneer November 08, 2003
She's the best girl you can get. Funny, smart, a little akward, gorgeous and a real friend. Everyone loves this hot chick. Her name will be remembered!
"She's so pretty, her name must be Isabeau!"
by sreiht September 05, 2011
"Keep me posted". Used in the IM business world usually between a manager and a subordinate.
(In an IM session)
Manager: What's going on with Client X.
Employee: Under control. QA is addressing the issue and everything is OK.
Manager: Thx. KMP
by Sembilan May 08, 2008
Asia-Town USA. Also referred to as MPK, or Asian Retirement Town. City where "suck my" is pronounced "Chuck-Maw", "Iran" is pronounced "E-Lawn", and "626" is pronounced "Chick-too"Chick".

You know you have reached the city's boundaries as you drive down the 10 FWY and the freeway speed somehow comes down to 40-45 MPH, which is mostly due to beloved MPKians entering and exiting the freeway at an average of about 27 MPH.

City where 18wheelers pass passenger cars going at least 30 miles faster. Where Mercedes and Beemers are going about as fast as the China man riding his beachbike in the sidewalk.

City that's dead as funk when other cities are popping (Friday and Saturday nights) and is HAPPENING when other cities are dead as funk (Saturday and Sunday mornings). City where even B of A has Chinese translation next to its name, all restaurants are packed like slave ships at all hours of the day and week and business hours are noted as "We Open Seven Days". As if they're gonna close the funk down on the 8th day!

City where green means stop and red means go; turn signals don't mean shiet and you see beloved MPKians making left turns with right turn signals on and vise versa.

Lastly, MPK is the #1 exporter of Asian girls into white boy crowds of hollywood clubs and OC pubs, where they enter the city wearing banana pants and hello kitty shirts and exit a few years later to search for their whities wearing fake lashes and colored contacts.
I'm in Monterey Park repping chick-too-chick... chuck-maw-dik-foo!

Forget MPK. I'm heading to OC. can I borrow your lashes tonight?
by RonModa November 18, 2010
A person, male or female, who is so deeply enthralled with technology they discuss it with a level of passion that most people reserve for sex. Not always a geek or a nerd, but generally someone who has the latest and greatest everything.
She became so excited about her new laptop and PDA that her friends knew she must be technosexual.
by DarthVerso October 22, 2004
A national street gang, well known for wearing the color red, selling crack, and illiteracy
I went down Compton Ave, stupid Bloods were selling crack everywhere. If only they knew how to read, they could work for Merck and sell drugs legally.
by Lexicon Master November 14, 2003
acronym for bad mannered, used by korean computer players.
You very BM player. THX thx. kakaka
by rustyn December 24, 2007
To know all of what is happening at any given time; to have a lot of friends and connections.
"Yo man, I'm bored.. anything going on tonight?"
"Why don't you call James? He's in the know."

"I gotta find someone in the know, so I can pick up some weight and get my business off the ground."
by JRS April 29, 2004
"In The Know."

Used by soccer hooligans to describe each other.
oi you see that wanker
yeah i know him, he's ITK
by max hardcore December 01, 2004
A phrase that girls use, mainly when talking to other girl friends. It's primary use is for when you are asking to be updated on the progress or plans of a situation. And girls use it. Just girls. Mostly girls are the user of this phrase. Girls. Eric? No. Girls. Not Angie though. She's not THAT much of an annoying girl.
With that definition in mind.... (hence):
-- "Okay, let's figure out these plans for sushi and the mall this week."
-- "Alright... keep me posted! :)"

by Angie!! April 10, 2007