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City in Newfoundland, Canada
I live in dildo

no joke, its a town
by Chach March 04, 2003
Nick name for Billy..

Merge of the words: Billy and Dildo...

I love Bildo. I use him when i'm horny.
by Smokey September 12, 2003
A dildo of Wooden make. Generally used in the medievil era. Much less used in todays time, though it isnt uncommon to see such objects in the private collections of older, wealthy women. Some say the cool, smooth texture of a wildo is much preferred to that of the rubbery texture of a normal Dildo.
"I can't believe she uses a wildo!"
"I know those are so outdated...but they do feel absolutely wonderful!"
by JMenz223 January 26, 2009
Portmanteau of 'chainsaw' and 'dildo'.
A dildo mounted conveniently on a chainsaw body. When operated, the dildo twists and vibrated violently. for some, the ultimate pleasure, for others a reason to see their gyno.
Filthy woman: did you bring it?

Gimp: the childo? yeah, give me a minute to get it fired up
by cannas™ August 28, 2008
slang (eng.) young woman
Fuck, that bird's fit
by Shevek September 22, 2002
slang (eng.) young woman
Fuck, that bird's fit
by Shevek September 22, 2002
A golden or gold plated dildo. Short for "gilded dildo".
Paris Hilton, being a woman of considerable wealth, was satisfied by only the most resplendent gildos.

Overuse of a gildo can lead to heavy metal poisoning.
by physicslol March 14, 2011
Freezing a fresh piece of human feces and using it as a dildo on your significant other.
I knew she was dirty but who would have thought freezing a piece of shit and jamming in it in her twat like a pildo would send her into ecstacy.
by The Rick Nasty Clan November 01, 2003

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