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The godforsaken Sunshine State renowned for weather and beaches. Florida is noteworthy for having no discernible season changes. Well-known for its subpar education system, Florida is home to Florida State University, a party school known for its football team and its acceptance of anyone who has a pulse and can spell his or her own name correctly. The population here is an amalgam of inhabitants from elsewhere; if you wish to find a retired New Yorker, go to any one of Boca Raton's 5,000 retirement communities; if you want to find a Latino/Hispanic/person whose first language is Spanish, turn around. Florida is a geographic anomaly in that the farther north you travel, the more Southern it seems (and sounds like), and the farther south you go, the more it seems like Cuba (as evidenced by the Little Havana area of Miami). Still, Florida, as a whole, is without an easily recognizable dialect. All place names here are either of Spanish (Punta Gorda, Boca Ciega) or Native American (Tallahassee, Econolockhatchee River) origin, or contain the word "orange" in them. Florida decor has inexplicably come to mean "a seafoam green and pink couch with a watercolor pelican painting." Floridians are not known for good taste; also missing are driving skills, especially in the frequent rain, and voting know-how.
-"Florida's a nice place to visit, but I wouldn't want to live here."
-"Bah! Go back to New York, you snowbird."
by penguinatrix August 15, 2004
We gotta pack some serious heat for this drive by
by AC October 22, 2003
Miami's Areacode
by AC September 16, 2003
One who hails from Cuba or of close descent.
I'm from Cuba so that makes me Cuban.
by DC November 16, 2005
The act of hijacking an hour of TV to tell thousands of people something they already know. See State of the Union Address.
Does LeBron have to take this long to say he's going to the Heat? Now there'll only be 3 episodes of SportsCenter tonight, instead of 4.
by Tikibarberfan July 08, 2010
The best game ever invented. Black and whites excel at thy sport. Blacks dunk, whites shoot. End of story.
Hey, MJ, u wanna go play some basketball, wit me, Larry, and Shaq?
by Jakrel April 19, 2005
Spain, African, and Chinese
creating the most diverse racial tone and slang language, music, politics, intruments, etc.

Cuban to me it means multi-racial of many talent.

next to alot of other beautiful countrys of the caribbean and those who are not.

Tight country i'm proud to be C.CAN
Tight Country. etc... I mean Playa de Varadero, Old Havana, Valle de Yumuri, Villa Clara, Santiago de Cuba. dale
by Erick Mendez November 08, 2004
Metro area in extreme southeast Florida; the most populated urban area in the state, it stretches roughly 100 miles from Palm Beach County in the north to Miami-Dade County in the south, with about 5.4 million year-round residents. All 3 counties are incredibly densely populated because development is limited to a thin strip of land between the Atlantic Ocean and the Everglades. Miami is the largest city in South Florida; other important cities include Miami Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood, Boca Raton, and West Palm Beach. Generally disliked/hated on by the rest of the state for a variety of reasons, some logical (crime, high housing costs, bad schools, sprawl, rude drivers) and others not so logical (high levels of racial diversity, blend of cultures, pro-growth attitude, general wealth/prosperity). Demographically not that much different from a city of the Northeast (except for Miami-Dade, which has majority foreign influences), it is the most "northern" of the state's metro areas and basically the entire opposite of the Florida Panhandle. Major center for tourism, trade, finance, business, and international commerce.
He's going to spend Spring Break in South Florida. Wanna come?

(Typical Panhandle resident): South Florida is a wicked, atheist-filled garbage dump.

(Weather announcer) Today's January forecast for the greater South Florida area calls for cloudy skies and high temperatures in the 80's.
by A_Floridian January 16, 2007
To bail out on your team when times get tough.
This team sucks, i'm going to pull a Lebron James and sign with a different team.
by ClevelandRocks543 July 09, 2010
a city in miami where lots of cubans live...and people from other latin countries
hialeah- agua, fango, y factoria!
by qb wit a booty March 13, 2005