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That girl in your class. You know the one. She's a total enigma.
She's the reason you can't remember what you learnt in that lesson, or what the homework was -in short, she's the reason your failing school. She's the palest girl you've ever seen, with raven black hair and the kinda eyes that make you want to die. It almost hurts to look at her. You've never spoken to her, either because you're intimidated by her enigmatic vibe, or you just know you're never gonna be good enough for such a fucking angel.

HOWEVER if you should ever get to know a Miriam, you realise she's actually fucking COOL. She's the girl all the bad guys want, because you know, while she sits there looking all ethereal and quiet ...she's a wild one. Her quick sarcasm and seemingly emotional detachment add to her ''anti-girl'' charm and it breaks your heart to know she'll never love you as much as you love her. She's funny and the moment you realise she's into fat, dirty, loser boys want to die.
"We have double English today, FML!"
"Shut the fuck up, Miriam's in our class; man I love that girl"
"No way man, she's such a fucking tease, you'll never get her"
"I know. Fuck my life man. Just shoot me now."

''The new girl's kinda hot!"
"Oh, I heard she's into like old-school horror, metal and is a real wild child. She's fucking cool man. But apparently she likes that fat dude in the year above..."
"No way man. Awh, she's such a Miriam"
by lonelygirl28 January 05, 2010
usually very petite but not too skinny
thick dark hair
beautiful big brown eyes
gorgeous smile
amazing golden skin
a little crazy but can be shy.
sometimes a rule breaker
great personality
Guy 1: wohh mariams amazing

Guy 2: back off man
by Robbiewoodard December 22, 2009
The best girl a guy could wish for, They dont get any better than her
I would be happy to be with mary as long as possiable
by buthead March 27, 2008
A hole used primarily for the dispensing of fecal matter. Sometimes the insertion of oblongated objects such as various fruits, vegetables, broomsticks, fingers, penises, etc. are allowed entrance into this sacred area. The size of the anus can vary depending on the size of fecal matter dispersement, as well as what types of objects are inserted into this area.

The anus is also known as the asshole, butthole, chocolate starfish, brown eyed willy and has many other slang terms for it.
<mndfreeze> mmmmm, anus is teh good!

Last night i was having sexual relations with my girlfriend, and i proceeded to insert my finger into her anus.
by px March 06, 2003
Any of various salts or esters of hydrogen cyanide containing a CN group, especially the extremely poisonous compounds potassium cyanide & sodium cyanide.

- To treat (a metal surface) with cyanide to produce a hard surface.

- To treat (an ore) with cyanide to extract gold or silver.
Dumb whore: "OMG, I are such a coke head."
Person with brain: "OMG you should blow a line of cyanide."
by n00b February 17, 2005
Unlike the dumbass who just made an opinion above me. Its a web comic with hilarious jokes. Some people don't like it, some people do. You can find the series in
Guy 1: Cyanide and happiness is so awesome!!!
Guy 2: It sucks dicks.
by Bicko August 18, 2007
A small metal hinged box with pointy edges, rapped with barbed-wire and hidden in a dark room full of electric eels, razorblades, piles of salt crystals with fans behind them and random pools of lemon juice.
I heard Bob died looking for happiness.
by Brendan Merriman May 25, 2004
Female first name defining someone who is always the energetic centre of a group, be it for good reasons or bad. Marians command attention and/or respect from all around them.

Marian is a trendsetter, often with a seemingly quirky or wierd taste in food, clothing or music, these likings often spread infectiously throughout her group of friends and beyond.

Marians are very emotional people. Not only that but coupled with an insane level of honesty, Marians can be quite offensive... usually unintentionaly. At the same time though, when a Marian makes up her mind about something it stays that way. A stubborn personality and intent to be and think what she wants is the biggest characteristic of any Marian.
That Marian is one mean girl.That Marian can sure hold her own in a group.
by Martin Brady February 19, 2007
The girl's name Marya \m(a)-rya, mar-ya\ is a variant of Maria (Latin) and Mary (Latin), and the meaning of Marya is "star of the sea" in latin. The Arabic name Marya means - purity; bright whiteness. A Hebrew name meaning "Wished-for child." "Seen by Yahweh" The name Marya ranked 2748th in popularity for females of all ages in a sample of the 1990 US Census. Though this name appears on the 1990 U.S. Census lists, it is used by only a small percentage of the general population.Some scholars believe her name could have originated in the ancient Egyptian language. Others offer alternate interpretations, including ''rebellion'' and ''sea of bitterness.''
the slavic meaning of marya is bitter.

marya is also 16th century Prussian
by moma jo March 07, 2009
Derived from Arabic.

A type that is pure, precious, untouched, angelic, innocent, though intelligent and capable. A diamond-in-the-rough/pearl-in-the-ocean sorta princess. Usually royalty.
Wow, that's one Maryam you're buckled too, bra. Lucky you. *envious*
by Joshua01 September 30, 2006

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