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Thesaurus for menage a moi

Synonyms, antonyms, and related words for menage a moi

To masterbate, crack one off, perform fist rape, date the first mate, bash the bishop, yank the plank, shake hands with the unemployed, pull a pint on the love pump attend a menage a mois and, most pertinantly, to spank the monkey.

Mary Chipperfield owns a circus and got in trouble a few years back for physically reprimanding a primate in her care.
Hot damn boy! That be good monodextrous literature! I'm off for a quick Mary Chipperfield - wheres my jizz rag?
by TLO Smudge July 04, 2004
10 4
Female clitoral masturbation, cf. jillin.
I was having a menage a moi, you know rolling the marble, when my ho roommate walked in.
by rollin rollin rollin March 02, 2005
24 6
when you go to have a wank
as in, hes goin to aash his bishop
by bobby bobler October 16, 2003
100 17
v. Masturbate.
She wouldn't put out, so I had to crack one off instead.
by Pecan Pie April 30, 2004
103 26
To force someone into fisting.

See: fisting
He/she fist raped him/her.
by ????????????????? June 23, 2008
28 6
A word Santa Clause says three times when he sees your wife, mother and sister together in the same room.
Ho, Ho, Ho Merry Christmas!
by Alfie The Horndog July 18, 2005
19184 6246
The sensation of jamming, (to music, or anything) while chilling. Mostly done at home.
Did you see Tommy today? He was totally jillin out at his house!
by BrodoSwaggins October 03, 2011
191 45
Something used to wipe up semen after masturbation, or alternatively, masturbate into if the pervert in question is somewhere where he'd perfer to leave things as they were when he entered - such as a friend's house or that of his parents. Can be anything from age-old classic, the dirty sock, to a hand towel.
When selecting some random scrap of fabric for use as your jizz rag, do remember that semen can leave unsightly stains on black fabrics.
by Mel December 18, 2005
145 23
The complete incorrect spelling of masturbate Since it's a misspelling it means "Being a master of bate" Or perhaps "Master of bait".
Yo yo! This is so phat!!!111!eleven!1 Ahm all foo illiterate and I went all MASTERBAAATE today!!111!11! You go wafsha!!!11!one!
by Surazal February 01, 2004
1310 603